Why don’t I join voice chat?


  1. Campo Del Violin

    WTF, that was sick!! <3

  2. Fuze Grandpa_Flamethrowaa

    Get this man an award

  3. I wouldn’t want to be this dude’s roommate

  4. Glad I found this on Reddit

  5. this is why you join voice chat

  6. I wanna play with this guy.

  7. This guy is awesome! ♥

  8. Air Freshner Pine tree

    mofo got more rimes than dr sues

  9. Is anyone else reminded of les miserables?

  10. This would make me WANT to join the channel

  11. Your laugh at the end tho

  12. this zen is a real life lucio

  13. Someone get this guy a beer. If he’s 21

  14. I wish all my games were as chill as this

  15. Hook me up with that guy

  16. I’m not saying you should have rezed the rein but I see why you didn’t.

  17. dam what’s his soundcloud

  18. they are really good at singing??

  19. good singing, good voice))))

  20. Rebecca Lovecraft

    Zennyatta’s best glitch yet.

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