Weapon Durability, Fanbase Fragility (The Jimquisition)

The second portion is about something less durable than any weapon in any game – the psyches of Zelda’s most viciously defensive fans.


  1. Wait, so there’s no Master Sword on Breath of the Wild?

  2. YouCantHandleTheFish

    Glad I’m not the only one who can see how overrated BotW is. It’s a fun game but nowhere near deserving of all the 10/10s its been getting.

  3. As a big Zelda and Nintendo fan, I was always told Sony and Microsoft fanboys were the worst. I’m starting to believe otherwise.

  4. Very good video.

    The review was thorough and well written, and people threatening / insulting / freaking out over a 1 point metacritic drop should be fucking embarrassed. I feel like I can’t share my serious disagreements regarding some stuff in the review itself because idiots made this topic really toxic, thanks again internet.

    I do understand 7/10 for Jim’s particular rating system is “good” but I still think in school terms that 70% is a c-minus. When I think 7/10, I think “ok but forgettable action game,” not “a game I quite liked”, and I’m guessing that’s the core of the disconnect here.

  5. I enjoy weapon durability systems when they allow you to repair or sharpen weapons like monster hunter does.

  6. I wish BotW had real dungeons 🙁

  7. I wasn’t a fan of weapon durability in Dark Souls 2, nor in Morrowind, or anywhere really. If weapons have a varied movesets and you found one you like, being forced to switch to another one might not be as fun as mastering the current one. If they aren’t and the moves are associated to the weapon class, such as in Nioh or Morrowind, all that weapon durability means is buying Repair Powder/Hammer and stopping the action to solve the issue. Either that or grind for a new weapon/armor to hold as backup, which is not fun or switch to an underpowered one you had on hand, also not fun. However, making a challenge mode or additional area that requires it is actually pretty cool, because its out of the game’s main path, players can opt into it and it even presents a new challenge.

  8. Why is this happening now when Skyward Sword kinda slipped by unnoticed?…

  9. I come for an entertaining rant about my own pet peeve in gaming, I leave with Raccoons nostalgia.
    Thank God for You.

  10. Joaquín Cuesta Fuentes

    Well actually spider webs are quite resistent.

  11. Like I think your a little hard on the systems, personally I quite enjoy the weapon management however all weapon durability should be at least doubled for all weapons because they’re way too flimsy. Oh and more legendary weapons and make them easy to repair, the really cool stuff is way too precious rn.
    But yeah definitely a negative but it’s still personally a 10/10 game however, you disagreeing doesn’t effect me in any way. In fact I like it, it raises discussion about the faults of the game since nobody else is willing to touch the negative parts of the fans with their rose-tinted view of Zelda.
    Having differing opinions on anything shouldn’t warrant either side becoming enraged but somehow again and again people lose their shot when someone disagrees with them.
    All the best to ya Jim, these assholes can go suck on Reggies juicy chode

  12. I wouldn’t buy a Nintendo Switch because of all the technical issues people are having, but one of my friends has one. I heard a lot of noise about the new Zelda game so I decided to give it a try. I sat down the other day, with my excited friend, and we played it for several hours.
    I can see the appeal of it, I can definitely see some innovation here and there, and I can see why little kids love it. The sense of scale is nice too. But overall it’s just another big boring empty open world full of the same old shit that we’ve done over and over again in every other Zelda game. In fact, it felt a lot like _Farcry 3_ to me, except with less stuff to do, worse graphics and less story & maturity. And I didn’t particularly like that game either.
    And I would agree with Jim, the weapon durability thing is my biggest complaint about it; it’s simply unforgivable. Weapon durability is _never_ an enjoyable game mechanic, it’s almost always just frustrating.
    There are so many incredible games out at the moment. Hollow Knight, Nier Automata, Nioh, The Last Guardian, For Honor, the new Dark Souls DLC, and people have said HZD is quite good. I don’t understand why anyone would bother playing another below-average game on a failed Nintendo console. Unless you’re a small child and you’re looking for alternatives to Roblox, I don’t see a reason to bother playing it.

  13. It would not be so bad if you could repair weapons.

  14. You guys are the reason people think Nintendo/Zelda fans are all insane fanboys.

  15. Honestly, I like the weapon durability system. Although the ancient weapons shouldn’t break in my opinion. I mean, how do you break something that is made out of light???

  16. llıIIııllIIlııll

    How to do weapon durability: see farcry 2

  17. That’s fucking cool you have a basement. I rarely see houses that have basements. I’d probably keep the head bags in the garage tho cus of possible flooding. Just a suggestion.

  18. Wait you never used Elixirs during Super Bosses in FF?

    How did you beat Shinryu in FFV?

  19. Andrew Covarrubias

    Just curious, do your feelings on weapon durability also apply to turn-based games like Fire Emblem?

  20. Yes. Agreed on all fronts. Although the limited inventory is JUST as bad as weapons breaking.

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