Filmmaker on new fallout from Ferguson documentary

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On ‘The First 100 Days,’ Jason Pollock sounds off about his film ‘Stranger Fruit’


  1. Martha is so hot

  2. he seems like a well adjusted guy

  3. cocaine is hell

  4. This guy is a liberal’s liberal. So much white guilt… he’ll go far in Hollywood.

  5. 1:11 – 1:16, 2:17 – 2:20 LOL

  6. She’s got the Tucker Face

  7. Freedomloveandtruth

    you guys need to give the reporter a mute button for the dingus next time, think of it as a penalty box, hes way too stupid to communicate with so, you just gotta either not bring idiots like him on or use the red button

  8. -_- What do we have here a SJW director stabbing an open wound to get money.

  9. I live in Ferguson. I was there, this is a cinematic lie. It’s bullshit.

  10. Seems like someone pissed in that little mans cheerios and called him Barbara..Looks like I will be editing this video and making a mockery of him over on my DeplorableNewsDaily us channel! Fuck this guy…

  11. Ben Shapiro vs this guy

  12. Is this a shouting match? WTF? Don’t have that weirdo on TV.

  13. In the words of Hillary Clinton “what does it matter??” Micheal Brown got shot for attacking officer Wilson not strong arm robbing the store…which he did….this Jason kid is off his rocker.

  14. A traditional Regressive.
    Scream,shout and use emotions as your facts when confronted by real facts.

  15. i cant believe i just waisted time out of my life to watch this stupid ass dude. no one will watch your crap movie

  16. Michale Brown is a dangerous drug dealer enough said.

  17. I love how he interrupts her the whole time while she is speaking and then says “Excuse me can I speak now?” What a jerk. Now I don’t want to watch his film. This is not passion he is portraying, its “My point is the only point and no other point matters. Only my voice has authority.” What an arrogant douche.

  18. Why is it in Youtube Gaming?!

  19. wow this guy is a child with a bad temper…. disgusting

  20. This guy is a 48 year old Boy, and a bitch. Catch me outside…. bro.

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