We Tried Out Nextbots on GARRY’S MOD! (GMOD Obunga Chase & OG Player Models)

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in Video:

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Outro song: By SpacemanChaos: https://apple.co/3K67gpC

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  1. Like for Obunga

  2. Obunga

  3. I liked for obunga

  4. Keep it coming h20 I watch all yr videos 😎🤠

  5. HalfDemonTubeVision HDTV

    Would you Kindly play BIOSHOCK Mr.Delirious?

  6. 4:26 what the hell was that scream XDD

  7. SleepyArcher [EMIYA]

    Never I thought you guys would play Nextbots.

  8. Cannot escape the Obunga!

  9. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them mess around with nextbots before.

  10. this brings me back so much

  11. Nostalgia 👑

  12. FINALLY!! After All These Years They Used Nextbot On Gmod!

  13. As soon as I saw the notification AND the thumbnail I immediately got hit with nostalgia!

  14. SCP 096 or SCP 173 for the next time you do this? Maybe? SCP 096 hunts you down is unstoppable, SCP 173. . .well I won’t spoil the surprise :3

  15. Obunga looks terrifying but the noises it makes when people touch it is hilarious

  16. I can’t wait for Halloween GMOD

  17. Wonderful chaos

  18. Haha another great video from delirious

  19. Time to get C L A S S I C A L

  20. Play Plate up

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