GTA5 Online Funny Moments – Epic Dance Moves, Vehicle Mods, and Failed Custom Game Mode

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Friends in Video:

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  2. That was the longest sponsor add ever

  3. Fortnite emotes in gta hurts my eyes

  4. You know the video’s gonna be great when they had a lot of fun, Vanoss heart some comments, and reply them.

  5. You can see Evan’s laptop really struggle in this video Lmao

  6. ILoveDoggys Sirbike


  7. The nostalgia hits…makes me kinda sus

  8. No one:
    Vanoss: **Uploads**
    Random people in the comments: We wanted this and he delivered. Glad he’s coming back to GTA5 videos because he hasn’t done this in a long time!

  9. The second I saw Gromit I was like Brian’s going to do an unfunny joke again isn’t he?

  10. i have never in my life laughed this hard thank you vanoss for making my bad day the best day

  11. i’m happy that vannos is playing with more people i love it

  12. Ever one of those dances are from fortnite I just realize.

  13. I don’t remember when was the last time I laughed this hard lmaooo, wallace dancing got me early on

  14. This feels so nostalgic

  15. Gromit or Grombit?

  16. I’ve never laughed this hard in my entire life, this brings me back to the good old days of old Gmod sessions.

  17. Love how this channel grew so much and seeing them all together having fun hits the nostalgia hard I’ll never grow tired of watching your videos.

  18. Loving 🇬🇧 memes! Mr Bean and now Wallace

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