uLoL Spotlight: UCLA

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  1. LMAO

  2. UCLA = University of Caucasians Lost among Asians :D

  3. This makes me feel so good about wanting to go to UCLA

  4. U
    Lots of

  5. Jermaine Jackson

    all those guys fightin over tht gurl behind the scenes but shes
    prlly dating a challenger douchebag lol

  6. Cyrus Wu Photography

    ah… people are so shallow! Have you guys thought before commenting? These
    perverted words would make her feel uncomfortable if she sees it. If that
    girl is me, I would feel the same…


  8. but wheres STINTIMPLETON

  9. I didnt know scarra went to ucla

  10. i, too, wish I could pay 32k a year for a school while still having time to
    play league and get straight A’s

  11. 1:17, after watching alot of melee matches and shit, those hands move way
    too slow, clearly jigglypuff

  12. all asians lol

  13. there needs to be a team full of girls

  14. UCLA fight fight fight!

  15. I hope there will be a female player who plays a role other than support in
    the competitive scene someday.

  16. Garrett Vana (Goodendaf)

    Daphne uses a Mac GGAFK REPORT SURRENDER @20

  17. Ok… I can’t be the only one who thought “Is that an actual girl on a LoL

  18. I just went to UCLA for a field trip..

  19. god I hope the gril in the team isn’t the ap support like almost every
    other girl in league……

  20. ucla fight fight fight. LOL

  21. Wouldn’t be UCLA without the 8 clap whoo!

  22. u can see how nerdy those ppl are.

  23. omg the camera guy, we get it you can do a 360 shot

  24. pobelter is there looks like it

  25. 1:46 MingLee

  26. Of all the organizations at UCLA… These people chose a League of Legends

  27. Why are they walking all the time? instead of sitting down and playing.. ;P

  28. At least she was born a girl, even if she feeds the females only play
    support stereotype.

  29. pobelter look alike and grill who doesn’t get bahsed out of the scene.

  30. she’s pretty <3

  31. GoHarD ModZZ “GHMZ” Danny

    1 Girl 5 Guys ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  32. just to tell u to be honest…There are a lot of ppl who raged in this game
    than building a big community of just friends cuz there are a lot of ppl
    who raged from losing, kill steal allies in random game, feeding but not
    intentionally(just bad at game), don’t know how to communicate in chat with
    allies or enemy team, and calling each other noobs. ( I started this game
    at winter break 2016 ) but overall…
    nice video :3

  33. George Macpherson

    “I can show my parents!” ‎( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  34. hey i work for coco lol

  35. Find Sungjoon Baek

  36. tfw i will never be friends with qt gamer grill

  37. damn whats that chick’s username lol

  38. Andrew Cornelius

    Daphne’s tits Kreygasm

  39. Nice!

  40. classic diamond 5 support main lol.

  41. this is one of the saddest videos on youtube

  42. College in US looks so nice, the campus etc. I would love to live in a dorm
    with my mates. Here in the Netherlands, there’s not that much of that
    campus life

  43. The grill~~

  44. onemadhungrynomad

    lol the one girl on the team…
    there must be enough top tier female players to have more girls…
    i know 3 female challengers just off the top of my head…


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