Announcing TL SirhcEz!

Announcing TL SirhcEz!

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  1. The ending was cringeworthy.

  2. He’s going to bring GATES to LCS

  3. Damn back at it again with the random riven in the background

  4. CLG Trick2G vs TL SirhcEz

  5. Awesome! Good luck sirhcez

  6. KillerResistance

    lol Chris was obvi nervous for this, so glad that he is now apart of a 2nd
    tier LCS team! Hopefully he is still able to represent for Team2g along
    with Team Liquid

  7. Im so happy for him. Good luck man!

  8. What is chris gonna do on TL? He only plays 2 champs and there both not LCS
    worthy. No hate just trying to understand why he is on TL. If chris can be
    on a team then there is hope for everybody.

  9. baldcels when will they learn

  10. Liam Nadjarian (Millidan)

    1:24 – 1:33 cringe…

  11. God i love you sirchez! Congrats my dude!

  12. 0:47 correction: new *gates* have been opened

  13. OGPlanetRedstone


  14. with the gates breaching on NA,maybe it will be less sleepy Kappa happy for
    u dude,you’re a beast

  15. dude seemed nervous. best of luck sirhcez bring that TARIC TO THE TOP

  16. aww he looks so emotional

  17. D CANE

  18. D CANE

  19. グレゴリスコット

    Can’t say I’ve ever watch his stream, but he seems genuinely happy about
    this opportunity, and I’ve never heard anything negative about him, other
    than the fact that he’s a filthy Nasus player C:<

  20. With all respect: what the fuck is going here? :)

  21. Congrats SirchEz

  22. makke pesäsilmä

    the only way i was able to watch this video without falling asleep was by
    2x speed.

  23. i respect the guy , but he is not even 1% close to the LCS as a
    proffesional league , i mean , look at the guy , +6? nasus only ?

  24. Максим Ninjas in Pyjamas

    Kaylo Ren

  25. D CANE!!!!! PUT IT DOWN!!!!

  26. Team Liquid got a bit more awesome :v

  27. Better Than Ezra

    happy for you man!!

  28. Everyone is going to be watching Trick2g now on how to breach gates.

  29. Levi Roberts (LamborghiniLarry)


  30. Good Luck dude !!! +6

  31. I really enjoy watching your stream congrats Chris

  32. *Facepalm* Trick2G will get recruited to a team next. These kids that spam
    one champion in normals to make themselves look good are NOT capable of
    playing at a professional level. Never thought TL would stoop so low.

    Good luck going for “D GATEEZZZZ 4Head Kappa Cancer123” in a pro game. *Facepalm

  33. VampireSinged, never forget


  35. So who plays that digital piano?

  36. XxFelixxTheCattxX

    that was questionably the gayest video I’ve seen. Love Chris but holy

  37. d cane

  38. Honestly are you a top or bottom?


    Welcome dude!

  40. TL is really desperate if they got this clown. Have more streamer clowns
    who play 2-3 champs in the LCS…wtf NA. This guy is trash even as a
    substitute.Its not even a good publicity/image move to have this joker on
    the bench. Now i know why TL owners name is Liquid , its because of his
    fuckin’ brain.

  41. his lip is so wavy

  42. Gayest shit I’ve seen ever lmao

  43. GeckQQ “GeckQ” LoL

    I think he will be performing better than Lourlo . If he goes on stage.

  44. SirhcEz!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Lol I’ve been a fan before he went main stream , still like him tho but all
    you hype train fanboys will like him also

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