Ubisoft’s Spineless CEO Dodges Accountability For Widespread Company Abuse

Yves Guillemot and his family were there for the foundation of Ubisoft. Yves Guillemot’s been in charge for over thirty years. He wants you to believe he didn’t really know about the many abusers his company was not only protecting, but promoting.

In a recent investor call, he was pressed on the mountain of allegations of bullying, assault, and systemic abuse now finally coming out.

Source: https://kotaku.com/pressed-on-accountability-ubisoft-ceo-avoids-taking-bl-1844470618

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  1. “Hm? Wasn’t me.”
    “But we have proof-“
    “I said it wasn’t me. My multi-million dollar legal team says so.”

  2. I thought that Randy Pitchford was bad, but Yves Guillemont really takes the cake for being a jerk!

  3. Liar or Moron is the game I’ve been playing a lot with politicians.

  4. Y’all remember when EA was voted worst company in America? I think we need to reconsider that now.

  5. But, Jiiiim! They said they will not increase their games prices! Everything is forgiven now and everyone is hyped for Ubisoft Battle Royal!

  6. To everyone reading the comments here:
    “Spread the word, make sure everyone never forget about the CEO’s Failure!!!”

  7. So does this prove that the three A’s in ubisoft’s AAA games stand for “Avoiding Abuse Allegations”?

  8. I’m sorry, but every time any CEO dodges answering flat out questions like these they are only confirming that they are in fact guilty and knew full well what was going on. Otherwise they’d just say they didn’t know shit.

  9. I am proud that Jim is getting on this rather than just moving on and treating this as a passing fad. This is a problem and it needs to be answered, until then real happy for Jim to keep poking them in the ribs 🙂

  10. At this point, we should all end our comments like this: “Ubisoft delenda est”.

  11. People keep claiming CEOs and executives deserves high pay since they take a lot of responsibility and work!
    … Except when they dodge all responsibility and just deligate the work to others who actually do the job.

    Funny how so many capitalist apologists thinks those that live on welfare are parasites for getting 10k dollars a year for doing nothing.
    But if you do nothing for 5 million dollars a year you are a pillar of the community.

  12. RockingChairShotgunner

    I really hope when Ubisoft’s new games release there’s a Jimpressions for each with actual opinions on the games themselves, but with UBISOFT PROTECTS ABUSERS over all the footage. Not a single frame of their games on screen without that reminder.

  13. As the saying goes, ‘The captain goes down with the ship’ and this ‘Captain’ certainly should be held accountable for negligence.

  14. As a woman in the game industry I’d like to say I’m surprised. I never ever am.

  15. Your game is hamstringing itself, it should have a third option; Sociopath.

    Liar, Moron, or Sociopath 😀

  16. It’s too bad that too many “game journalists” are too busy being freelance marketing for Ubisoft to care.

  17. the “certain individuals betrayed my trust” remark really sounds like its more aimed at whistleblowers than the actuall scumbags.

  18. Ubisoft: “Phew. It’s not Monday, we’re safe”
    Jim: Oh *really?*
    Ubisoft: “Oh no, Monday is coming even on a thursday! :o”

    I legit know people who have worked there and the general refrain I hear is that Ubi has a “bro culture” in the sense they care more about “are you fun to have a beer with” than “Are you a gross predator” or even “are you competent at your high ranking managerial job”. So them covering up for the ^”””indiscretions”””^ of their “bros” is no surprise to me. They already apparently promote based on everything BUT competence.

    And re the “women don’t sell” thing, my god I’ve heard some messed up stuff including Ubi reps lying to people with “wanna work on X game, one with a woman main character?! 😀 Join us!” only to then not put them on the promised project, and then to fight any attempts to have even the option of a female protagonist stupidly hard.

    So yeah, if I can somehow get my hands on Legion without giving Ubisoft money, I will very much do that. I don’t want to give them money until they sort this shit out. Which may be never. 🙁

  19. Using “tough decisions” to describe defending and promoting rapists while suppressing abused people is a new level of “bad look”.

  20. Ad Astra Magdalene

    He really didn’t “compromise his core values”, because his core values are enabling abuse, deflecting blame, and chanting his favorite prayer – “Boys will be boys. Boys will be boys. I acted like that and got away with it so I’m not going to point the finger at any of my buddies…” I think this is proof the saying “Lying moron” covers this quite nicely.

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