FIFA 21 | Official Reveal Trailer

Win as One in FIFA 21 with new ways to team up on the street and in the stadium to enjoy even bigger victories together, featuring the FIFA 21 global cover star Kylian Mbappé and FIFA 21 Ambassadors Trent Alexander-Arnold, Erling Håland, and João Félix:

See FIFA 21 features:

FIFA 21 releases October 9, 2020. Pre-order the Ultimate Edition before August 14th for an untradeable Ones to Watch player for your FUT 21 team:

Entitle for FIFA 21 on either PlayStation 4 or Xbox One before the release of FIFA 22 and upgrade your game for the equivalent next generation console (Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5) at no additional cost:

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  1. EA SPORTS : It’s the same game

  2. FIFA 17 version 5

  3. Lets get ready for „gameplay“ scenes in slow motion so we can‘t see the generic and robotic movement

    • Martín Rodríguez

      @Guntoson 3 srsly? For the record, i learned how to play a football game with the PES 2012, then i move to FIFA, that you are saying is just irrelevant.

    • Martín Rodríguez

      @kid forever. i’m not a fanboy at all. I am just saying that Fifa is more realistic than PES. FIFA has errors, obviously, but still more realistic than PES.

    • Martín Rodríguez

      @Guntoson 3 oooh and i’m speaking with Leo Messi himself? Don’t be a fool please, i am a goalkeeper in the inferior divisions at the C.A River Plate. What about you?

    • Martín Rodríguez and I just spoke with cr7 u must be really blind and how old are u 12??

    • Martín Rodríguez and how is it realistic when u shoot with u toe u really blind kid🥱🥱

  4. Everyone: Wait its the same game?
    Ea Sports: Always has been🔫

  5. Please help me get 1100 Subs before August

    Why is everyone hating?

    There is a *BIG DIFFERENCE* between fifa 20 and 21!!

    _The name_

  6. Us: there’s nothing new, it’s the same game?
    EA SPORTS: *Thanks for watching*

  7. Im surprised that when they showed Mbappe’s goal, he didn’t run past the ball like what my 98 toty Mbappe does in FUT Champs

  8. EA: We don’t have anything to show. Let’s call Mbappe to record some footage of him in his bathroom and show that instead.

  9. This is pointless. Why not show us the new features or the issues that you’ve fixed from the last game?

    Oh… right… it’s exactly the same game but with a few new faces…

  10. EA Director : It”s Coronavirus season, let”s just recycle the old game to make new Fifa 21

  11. Ruben van Alphen

    Players: “so whats new?”
    EA: “…”
    EA: “gimmy your 60 bucks right now”

  12. The fact that people are still going to buy this game and fill EA’s pockets despite the absolute travesty of Fifa 20 is really annoying. These people are robbing you all

    • Wait for Black Friday and get it for HALF the price.

    • Their branding has turned up as a double edged sword. They make default money from the expectation that there should be a new one every year but that only puts pressure on them to always release one in that schedule. At that rate they can only do soo much in a game based on a real life sport. If they really want to be innovative they should rebrand their next game to just be called FIFA and only release a new game when they have changed a lot but I bet you that this franchise has become to much of an established money machine that there are business deals preventing anything other than a yearly release

    • The Diamond Nether Star

      They could’ve donated SO MUCH MONEY to important charities

    • Sahayog Shrestha

      @Luis Talks yap remove feature then add them back.. and people like you are super happy.. nothings going to improve in this game with that mindset


  14. Haaland : ” can you do this?”
    Me: “Ask PSG”

  15. I don’t play fifa but it looks like the same exact game every year

  16. The only thing i like about this:

    the song kinda fire doe

  17. EA’s budget:
    90% this trailer
    5% other marketing
    4% featured players
    1% changing the number on the cover

    and the rest was spent on making an improved game

  18. Why does it have fans in the stadiums 🏟 totally unrealistic

  19. Me: Can we see gameplay?
    EA: Remember last year’s game?…

  20. When PES gets pro-clubs… me and all my friends are leaving.

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