The Sims 4 Laundry Day Stuff: Official Trailer

Surround your Sims in clean clothes while living a rustic lifestyle with The Sims 4 Laundry Day Stuff.*

Learn more about this Stuff Pack:

Do loads (and loads) of laundry, build a rustic homestead, and style your Sims in boho chic threads!



  1. Sims 4 Dev: “Okay, so they voted for…laundry. ?‍♂️”

    Person who does the trailers: ?

    “Lol well, might as well make this shit look epic.”


  2. People that play the game (and pretty much everyone): *I’M NOT DOING THE LAUNDRY MOM*

    Same people while playing the game: *GOTTA DO THE LAUNDRY FAST*

  3. Relentless Wok star

    Who were the simmers that voted for this damn pack??

  4. Now pay £7.99 for a chore you always avoid irl

  5. This was just hilarious! Idc what others think, I’m buying it!


  7. Wow. This looks so incredibly pointless. No thank you.

  8. can we get an update where we can actually go to school as teenagers or have like a road to fame pack??

  9. This should be already in the game …. This is so stupid :/

  10. Boooorrrrrrrriiiiiiinnnnnnnnggggg! All that time, all those weeks, waiting and voting for it to come to this. What a waste! Eco living, Off grid living, heck…. even a homeless society, ANYTHING ELSE would have been better than this! I feel for the soul that has to “FULFILL THEIR DESTINY” to do laundry. I find it a dreaded task that takes the best part of any day. Really EA!?! Really? In my opinion, this could have been added to the Parenthood pack, and EA could have produced something we really wanted.

  11. I really cannot believe that there are people who are going to spend $10 to do laundry in the sims xD Washing machines should be a part of bigger game pack not a main focus of a stuff pack. It is just ridiculous.

  12. You people actually wanted this? This should have been in the base game. What’s next, yard cleaning stuff?

  13. I’m screaming this trailer is iconic

  14. Is EA trying to charge me 15$ for doing my own laundry?

  15. And now cars lml

  16. Is this a joke? Literally every pack for this gen but Cats and Dogs has been totally pointless. When we say we want realism, we mean weather and university.

    Like, what’s next? A dishwashing pack?

  17. I personally am not buying this pack but for all the people that love it do what you want. Honestly I think this should have came with parenthood or as a free update instead of a pack for $10. But I do like the furniture and the cas items

  18. No offesense to the Sims team but $5.00 just to clean laundry

  19. Its actually not bad! Im waiting for seasons though

  20. I laughed *_wayyy_* too hard at this….

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