The Power of Video Game Cheats




  1. I would not mind if you did Every Rose Has Its Thorn after every single video.

  2. fun fact: did you know that NakeyJakey gets nakey and jerks off to VR porn on that ball?

  3. My favorite cheat codes were for Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. This is definitely the “help me mommy” category, but tbh without them it takes way too long to build a battalion of T-Rexes and Velociraptors to set loose onto your guests.

  4. One of my most memorable easter eggs was something pretty innocuous. Before GTA 3 when there wasn’t much on offer in terms of free roam driving games, I used to drive around in free roam mode on Driver 2, in my mind pretending to do things like go shopping or deliver pizzas. At one point I pretended to go watch a baseball game at the stadium in the north of the Chicago map. I went up to the ticket booths outside, pretended I was buying (including pressing x), and I inadvertently discovered a switch on one of the booths that opened the gate into the stadium, that lead you inside to discover a secret car. It was amazing.

  5. And I thought quality was dead on youtube.

  6. love this channel so much

  7. no lie that beat at the end was amazing

  8. You were hilarious on the official podcast

  9. I still have GTA cheats memorized :/

  10. I was gonna say Baja Blast was the worst Mountain Dew flavor but then I remembered that they came out with that nasty Ice shit this year so I guess you win this one Jakey

  11. SlicRicFlair WOOO

    Sorry NakeyJakey, the best creaky secret sneaky sneaker help me mommy i need help has to be the Megaman blaster in Dead Rising

  12. _Whats the cheat code to get me into your life?_

  13. Crippled water tank

    Any chance we could ever get a “Art of Video Game titles” video?

  14. 2003: Enter a cheat code to unlock a special weapon
    2012: Pay 10$ to unlock a special weapon
    2018: Pay 20$ for a lootbox that may or may not contain a special weapon

  15. Amazing video as always mr mommy

  16. Hey yo jakey just a heads up YOU CAN PET THE DOGS in Far Cry 5 btw

  17. I was legit thinking about cheat codes today. I miss them.

  18. I played the shout out music on repeat for like 10 minutes and danced to it. Hella grooves hot boy

  19. The rap at the end was…. alarmingly excellent.

  20. As a “long time” “sub”, It’s so nice to see HH Jacob sittin clean in all white like an angelic biblical Gabriel and not looking like he just slept the weekend off in a secondhand sleeping back under a tarp under the bridge

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