Shenmue I & II are coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC!

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  1. It's A Trapp! Productions


  2. Never got to play the Shenmue series so it’ll be great to play it finally PogChamp

  3. HUBER!!!!!

  4. Please add the option for Japanese voice actors!

  5. i never played them on dreamcast. but i’m so excited to play these classic games in hd.

  6. ???. I missed this game! Still have on Dreamcast too!


  8. Whooooo! One of the best series ever made! Play it every other week, can’t wait to find sailors in 2018!

  9. David Rousey-Pettengill

    Switch Please!

  10. I love you, Sega!

  11. Thank you Sega!

  12. Thank you so much I’ve waited ages!

    Can we get Skies of Arcadia Remaster next?

  13. finally i can now play this game on PC.

  14. This and Shenmue 3 were willed into existence by EZA’s Michael Huber!

  15. Finally! I’m so glad. My Dreamcast copy isn’t in good shape and my Xbox copy of part 2… I have no original Xbox or 360 to play it on anymore

  16. Save Shenmue Campaign successful!!!

  17. I love it when Sega listens to fans, thank you!

  18. FUCK YES

  19. According to a press release from Sega, Shenmue I & II will contain definitive versions of both games. Players will have the option of Japanese or English voiceovers, modern or classic controls, scalable resolution, and “PC graphics options.”

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