The Man Who Loved An Abortion Ban (The Jimquisition)

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John Gibson, former CEO of Tripwire Interactive, is a lover of things, especially fascistic oppression of other peoples’ bodily rights.

His statement in support of Texas’ recent horrific abortion ban was abhorrent and was quickly received as such. Also, both Gibson’s beliefs and the beliefs espoused by his nu metal band demonstrate the hypocrisy of -styled freedom lovers.

So let’s chat about that mess!


  1. It’s important to go on the record as a pro-JSS gamer. Thank God for them.

  2. Nothing more metal than supporting the status quo

  3. I find it hilarious that his Twitter now paints himself as a ‘Currently full-time philanthropist helping the poor and underprivileged of the world including Orphans and Widows.’


  4. The most surprising thing here was that Tripwire turned around so quickly over a US holiday weekend. I know it’s all about the money, but for any corp there was no fucking around with how quickly he got tossed.

  5. The game industry is like retail. I worked retail for over ten years in a country where you have rights as a work force and I still can assure you: It’s horrible and full of pricks that dominate the work enviroment. Sometimes it is like haunting me. Sometimes I can’t endure so much unfairness. It is beyond me how so many pricks can live on with what they do and nothing changes. That’s why I will always watch and support Jim Stephanie Sterling!

  6. “I don’t get political!”

    – People who are more political than average

  7. Espeonage the Espeon Spy

    God, his metal music sounds so generic. Now I’m in no way an expert on music theory, but his music sounds like a Disney board of directors said they need a metal song for their movie to show how angsty and rebellious the teenage main character is.

  8. It is heartening that the discourse has moved to the point that trolls like this are getting dunked on and suffering comsequences for being turds. Sure it’s rainbow capitalism and motivated by stonks, but it does show that what is and isn’t acceptible IS changing for the better. It ain’t the end of the fight, but it’s a sign we may not be completely screwed.

  9. Good on Steam for having that option on their storefront. Only wish Sony would do something similar for the PlayStation Store so I’d never have to see any Ubisoft products advertised ever again.

  10. It isn’t “Just an opinion” when you dedicate efforts, actions, and funding to exert influence over a “personal belief”. It becomes a creed.

  11. I’ll quote Hank Hill in regards to the Christian metal band; “You’re not making Christianity better, you’re just making rock ‘n’ roll worse.”

  12. His Lyrics sound almost exacly like one of those Qanon “Q-Drops”.

  13. As someone who really liked Killing Floor 2 (until this incident soured that) it’s worth noting that the Christian Metal both has the lyrics off by default in the game, and is also just… Incomprehensible if you do have lyrics on as the video demonstrates. I’d heard that song multiple times and never knew it was such laughable nonsense garbage.
    Also feel the need to add that the dude rebranded his Twitter as a philanthropist after this, I know these are prerecorded because Steph’s travelling and they couldn’t have know this when it was made, but it’s Very Funny that he did that.

  14. The texas ban is actually even worse, it isnt when the fetus (I’m pretty sure at this point itll still just be a zygote) is six weeks old, it actually specifically says six weeks after their last period. So realistically its banning abortion after 2-3 weeks. It kinda proves to me that everyone who voted in favour of this actively has no idea how female biology actually works

  15. “The Solemn JPEG” is now burned into my vocabulary

  16. “I’m proud the government is taking away women’s rights”
    Other companies sever ties and he gets let go.
    “Everyone is taking away my rights”
    — Victimhood 101

  17. I love the “free speech advocates” apparently they think when you say things you are always immune to their consequences. Or the fact they think private organizations have to abide by that rule.

  18. “I’m Pro-Life!” says the man taking a selfie with no mask on while intentionally framing a “Masks Required” banner into the shot. Which I’m sure he’s explained away as a coincidence, thinking he’s clever, like every other maskhole.

  19. Free Speech comes with responsibility for that speech. You can say whatever you want, but so can everyone else.

  20. “Universal Basic Income And Unionise”
    Cheers, I’ll drink to that.

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