AAAA (The Jimquisition)

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Let’s please PLEASE not start calling them “AAAA” games. Having to debase ourselves and go along with “AAA” was bad enough!


  1. AAAA is both an amazing shorthand for scummy capitalistic game corporations, and as an unending scream at the state of the video game industry

  2. Came to hear Jim saying “triple a” sarcastically, was not disappointed. And 6:50 alleviated my fears about the lack of sarcastic “quadruple a”

  3. I’m okay with games being labeled AAAA. It lets me know which games will likely be last years recycled trash.

  4. the only good thing about AAAA is that it invites you to pronounce it purely by screaming at the top of your lungs

  5. Heidi Holmeå Christiansen

    The only thing I can think of is, when getting batteries the more A’s the smaller the battery.

  6. Honestly I think AAAA is pretty good.

    Represents my reactions to big game corpos being big game corpos. I scream in frustration.

  7. I think we should just call them “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” games and it’s pronounced like a shriek in the night where you’ve found something horrible and repulsive and can’t hold your voice in.

  8. I think Deltarune DEMO being a more entertaining and quality experience than any AAA game really just sums the whole thing up

  9. The way I understood it, AAA refers to credit rating, meaning that a game is a “safe bet” from a financial standpoint, that it will generate the most profit for investors/shareholders despite huge development costs, not necessarily good or interesting, like the yearly sports game from EA or 2K. Now there are a few instances of that failing, and a lot of instances of publishers/devs thinking too highly of a game that’s mostly just a cash grab, or just a tech demo.

  10. Hearing the classical Sterling “Triple-Ayyyyyy” is what I’m here for. Did not disappoint.

  11. I can’t even say triple A games without the sarcastic twang anymore, and I’m all for that, quadruple A will be getting the same treatment
    Thank god Jim Steph

  12. “AAAA” schtick is just the “this one goes up to eleven” gag from Spinal Tap except it’s real.

  13. I think AAAA games is a natural progression of AAA, smaller, less content, but higher price. It’s basically just the battery size labelling scheme.

  14. “Quadruple A” makes them sound way cooler than they have any right to be. I personally will just call them foray (four A) games, which is brief and stupid, so I think it fits

  15. In baseball, AAAA has been used a term that refers to those players who do well at AAA minor leagues but absolutely stink in the majors. So these companies who want to call themselves AAAA means , to my baseball mindset, that they can’t hack it as a mainstream company.

  16. Gonna be honest, before I clicked on the vid I thought AAAA was a funny little quip from Jim about the ridiculousness of the gaming industry, a bit of satire, that would get made clearer in the video.
    I’m actually quite shocked that it isn’t in fact satire and is entirely real 🙁 (Also, still trying to get over the fact that people use AA as a term for high budget indie games….).

  17. Wastingsometimehere

    The first AAAA game will have a thousand hours of gameplay, perfect fluid graphics, voiced by major world actors, the most variety of playstyles, multiple choice endings and of course no bugs with microtransactions. In other words, never.

  18. “The best I can do is exhausted misery” now that’s a mood

  19. This feels like a real oldschool Jimquisition topic. The kind of tedious nonsense that seemed a weekly occurrence back in like 2016, just getting stomped for several minutes. Good stuff.

  20. AAAA is the sound someone makes when they’re surprised by the “surprise mechanics” that these games will come loaded with.

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