The Last of Us Part II – Game Review

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The Last of Us 2!! The divisive game that was constructed to be divisive because reasons. Here’s my review for THE LAST OF US PART II!

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  1. Lemme get this straight, you get to play the character that killed your beloved character from the first game ?!
    What’s next : A virtual reality game where you get to play as the man who is banging your wife in real life ?

    • @J3SS3 H And that’s exactly why it worked so well and received massive critical success. They did something very bold, and it paid off for most people

    • @Chuck Campbell Like I said,
      which one is worse : getting emotional over video game characters, or getting emotional over people getting emotional over video game characters ?

    • @Pro Jey96 She is not the antagonist. The game is not that simple to label either Ellie or Abby as heroes/villains or protagonist/antagonist. The game is literally about the complexity of morality. You cannot logically or truthfully say Abby is the antagonist for the entire game. The entire point is that neither Ellie/Joel/Abby/Tommy or anybody are 100% GOOD people. Yes, you can’t really “stand behind” any of the characters because they’re all deeply flawed who do terrible things. That doesn’t lose anything important, it actually makes it better. A game where any of these characters is 100% good imperfect people is boring and lame. There is pay off. You have many many reasons to care. The chief reason being that you still DO care about Ellie and the entire time you want to see what happens and her development throughout the game

    • Gray morality

    • @Luke Carrion Antagonist doesnt mean villain…
      The game is indeed pretty simple, Coming from the last game,
      Ellie is the protagonist and Abby the antagonist
      Actually she is a straight up Villain until you play her…
      She might have reasons to do it, but by “Killing” Joel, she still opposed the protagonist

      When characters are perfect its boring yes…
      when every character is wrong or take stupid decisions, it makes people feel apathetic towards them, dont care for them…
      You do care for Ellie… But all the set up the game did to make Abby bigger, to create a complex story…
      It just falls plain when they use the forgiveness cliche…

      Some people hated it, some liked it… I really just didnt care when i saw that ending…
      In retrospective, it starts creating holes and trashing the decisions and risks they took for the story

  2. “Abby’s kinda starting out on the wrong foot with you.”

    I see what you did there.

  3. Imagine Elle killing like 1000 people and sparing the one person who really deserves to die.

    Oh wait…

    • @wackytactics The whole point of the game revolved around shoving a character no one liked down your throat (Abby) and CONSTANTLY beating you across the head (no Joel pun intended) with how bad revenge is, how wrong revenge is, how revenge has consequences, how revenge results in loss, how revenge can get cute dogs who loved playing fetch killed, how you shouldn’t do revenge because revenge for revenge is wrong and creates only revenge that is wrong because revenge is…you get it; it’s forced and stupid asf. Meanwhile, the game uses EVERY literal opportunity to make you loathe Joel and Ellie because they’re “villains” and deserved what they got in a failed attempt to solidify *sympathy* towards Abby to the point where, when that final battle happens, it’s her you’re “supposed” to be rooting for and not Ellie.

      Ellie goes on a killing spree and gets nothing, killing everyone but the ONE person responsible. Abby grows a heart, saves Scar children, rises above the killer of her friends, learns humility, and forms a surrogate-mother bond with a trans boy who sees past the bad things she’s done to the “good” inside. This game is literally written to be Abby’s game. Only problem is Abby’s unlikeable asf.

    • Abby doesn’t deserve to die. That’s kinda the whole point of the game

    • な6IXLXRD the game isn’t saying that Joel and Ellie are “villains” anymore than Abby was a villain for killing Joel. It’s equaling the playing field, not tearing them down more than Abby. Also, imo, the game focuses much more on the importance of forgiveness (in the end) than just the consequences of revenge (although it does that too)

    • @Andrew Hiner thank you for a sensible well thought out and sensible reply sir!

    • I’ve never played a game with such an unsatisfying ending

  4. Just imagine Daenerys killing everyone but Cersei…
    Oh wait…
    Killing everyone and forgiving Cersei

    Man, both endings were sooo goood werent they

    • Cersei died because of falling bricks

    • @Place Holder Oh Dany had the choice to go for Cersei

      Thats lireraly everybodys point with that situation

    • @Khaiyn Katara had a much more interesting story if you ask me…
      Her pain had years buildind, but at the same time fading
      She never forgot, but it wasnt a quest of revenge up until that point… Where she was also kind of drunk with blood bending
      If for example her dad just died, things might have been diferent

      Also, it would have been her first kill

    • @Pro Jey96 No doubt, I was just explaining the similar vibe I was getting from the Ellie/Abby ending.

    • @Pro Jey96 yeah she did but it’s not like she chose to save her, it’s not like she wanted to destroy the whole city BUT spare Cersei. Again, terrible comparison.

  5. Drakkon Darkspell

    “Fry, remember when I told you you should end your stories two sentences earlier?”

  6. “It’s not just long, it’s long winded.” Yup.

    • Luke Warm
      Shocking how someone could enjoy this brutal game that drags on for hours

    • y’all are crazy. roasting a guy just because he enjoyed a game. good for him

    • I’ve only gotten up to the point where Abby goes golfing, but every moment has been gripping so far. Maybe thats just me, though.

    • I guarantee the ppl giving me shit for liking it haven’t played it, and that’s why your opinion is worthless.

    • @Luke Warm I guess people don’t wanna risk 60 bucks buying the game thinking they might not enjoy it, besides there is a rumor going around that Sony aren’t giving refunds so people are skeptical. Also, haters are gonna hate I guess.

  7. But ellie was never in joels shadow, she had her own missions in the first game and slices tf out the bad guy. Idk why people think she had no time to shine

    • Christopher Marlowe Well she was like…13 years old, it’d be a lot safer with Joel, him being a far more experienced and older survivor. Not every female character has to be an untouchable badass who don’t need no man to be a good character lol

    • Cauldierre Mckay

      She had a time to shine but she literally couldn’t get across America without Joel. She was the backup between the two. She stayed in one place while Joel was injured

    • @Wolfy Where did that end part come from? Her coming of age in a horribly bleak world on the brink of death wouldn’t be some, what I assume you’d call “female empowerment propaganda”. It would show that Joel had to teach her how to fend for herself in an uncaring world… you know what, fuck it, I aint explaining this shit anymore. Most people can’t think to far past surface levels. That’s fine and all, I’m sure you’re a smart person, you just probably don’t understand deeper meanings in art.
      Hey, professional art critic and full time douche here, telling you to look deep into what art says and not just what it shows.

    • ShaddowSabbath too bad you wasted all this time defending a game that sucks more than a groupie during backstage parties

    • Subliminal Messages

      @ledge 1220 Not to mention that she escorted Joel out of the area on her own when he was injured, taking a bat to the face like a champ in the process.

  8. Brenden Verlinden

    LOVE how Dunky and Jeremy both pointed out the missing Cheesecake Factory.

  9. Naughty dog: “you should regret what we made you do”

    • Sony and Nastydog is laughing all the way to the BANK. This game is breaking records. CHA-CHING. Blo and strippers for everyone who worked on it… except the employees that were probably stressed and overworked with no overtime paid… but the execs can get an extra BONUS on their paychecks!!!

    • ND isn’t making the player feel bad. They’re making Ellie and Abby feel bad for what they’re doing. You’re supposed to be analyzing what they’re doing and seeing how morally gray they are.

    • Omar Syed well it’s preachy when you’re supposed to be the one doing all the killing and getting behind the character’s missions

    • @BoydofZINJ Only breaking sales in UK nowhere else

    • @Omar Syed I think in some parts they’re definitely just trying to make the player feel bad. Like when we’re allowed to play with Bear when we play as Abby in the flashback, knowing full well that Ellie kills him later on. None of the characters learn anything from it. It’s specifically there to make the player feel bad

  10. Whenever I see a Seattliete talk about this game the most common complaint is the Cheesecake Factory.

  11. You know… I’m heartbroken.. I do believe the “that time of the year” has come and gone.. but still no Legend of Zelda review. YOU LIE!!

  12. From the words of Reggie,
    “If the game is not fun, why bother?”

    • Games don’t have to be fun, just like cinema doesn’t have to be fun. Unless all people want is big unchallenging popcorn games all the time; I certainly don’t.

    • the game is fun n brutal,the story for me is what im at crossroads with,they couldve tackled some issues in a more palatable way,neil really rushed some parts

    • I think that mostly applies to gameplay and not just the story. I mean, how many Mario games have an astounding story but are still fun? There are a lot of games with a pretty bad story that are still fun and that’s kind of the point.
      TLOU isn’t just a only story driven game. There is still a lot of gameplay along the way and that’s what helps you build and bond with these characters. Just watching someone break down like 30+ hours of gameplay into about a 10:01 second video that only mentions the one thing people hated about it… Or they’re a grifter that is also complaining about “politics”. That usually doesn’t do a game justice.
      So I have to say, that Reggie would not agree on this one.

    • @I’m a Fart to compare someone liking a game to scat is absolutely ridiculous. If you didn’t get any pay off ok fair enough but I found the game play intense, the story gripping and the characters and their journeys interesting and deep. Just because it didn’t have a happy sunshine and rainbows ending you didn’t like doesn’t mean that it’s ‘misery porn’

    • Christopher Gongora the actual gameplay and combat is fun but combined with the story is nothing but misery and torture porn with shock value and snuff-film levels of gore

  13. If any one has read Vinland Saga, I wish Ellie and Abby’s relationship was similar to Thorfinn and Askeladd’s relationship.

  14. I really need the spoiler talk for this.

  15. The Las of Us: Season 8

  16. I wonder why he doesn’t talk about Joel much in this review…

  17. The reason why it felt monotonous as Ellie is bc she’s alone for a solid portion of the game in the 1st game you’re almost never alone and your time is filled with ambient conversations that are quite pleasant.

    • omg you re so right man , the conversations even during gameplay were so memorable I even took the time to listen to all the puns ellie said during sections , this game really missed that. I m so disappointed beacuse I did kinda enjoy the game but it had so many missed opportunities it s mind blowing

  18. Can’t stop staring at the gap in Jeremy’s moustache

  19. “Coming out swinging like Tiger Woods wife.” Ludacris

  20. Take a look at Chernbyl, that was 30 something years ago and the area is completely overgrown with trees and other vegetation.

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