THE EVIL WITHIN OH MAH GAWD HYPE! – The Photographer Does Naughty Killings

’s sequel gets a killer new . Haha, killer.

Killer… haha.


  1. Evil within was like a mash of ten games in one, at times fun at times daft and almost unplayable. It was OK.

  2. Evil Within 2: Jhin’s Story

  3. The pre-orders within.

  4. Shambles1980TRealOne

    i played about 10 mins of the 1st game. just wasnt for me at all, everything that could feel shit did feel shit. so not at all interested.

  5. wasn’t the original evil within not just a shitty game?

  6. I’m made up for the roughly 16 people worldwide who are remotely arsed about a sequel.

  7. The first game was average at best. Hopefully they improve on the second game.

  8. With all that milk I feel like they’ll be missing a trick if the final boss isn’t the cornflake homunculus

  9. Wasn’t the first game thoroughly mediocre with the biggest cop out ending it could’ve had? Yeah… I’m just *so* excited for this game. /s

  10. I hope they pull the camera out of the player characters ass this time. The cam made a lot of the game unplayable.

  11. The problem is I bought evil within to experience another, newer silent hill. It’s what all the commercials sold it as. Game is good but that’s not at all what it was.

  12. I wanted to know all about the perfect-haired killer and the milky-man, but you kept talking over it ! Goddamn it Jim, can’t you just reupload the trailers without talking at all, like complete silence ? Say it’s “silent post-modern commentary”, or “commentary in dog whistles” !

    Love <3

  13. I was definitely not a fan of the first Evil Within. Now, like most people who weren’t interested in it, I was expecting horror on the spooky psychological side of horror games. Not the Resident Evil 4+ side of first person shooter of zombie like creatures. Just couldn’t justify its gameplay after the marketing geared towards the spooky side of these.

    So, this trailer. It might have had me for a second if it didn’t show health kits and guns for a pre order bonus. I suspect more first person shooter with “wanna be taken seriously as scary” cliches (crying children, sexy women with grotesque features, inanimate objects being used as heads for people, etc.).

    This trailer gave me the bio on the back of this dude’s baseball card. There’s nothing here to tell me it’ll be better than the last Evil Within. I’ll definitely wait, but let’s be honest, “serial killer who takes pictures of his victims” isn’t clever nor original. It feels like a very milk toast base for a game.

    So if they’re just relying on a trope we’ve seen before over, and over, and over again to sell their game, that already tells me this game might not be the best. Why put such a weak unoriginal idea as your first trailer if you have better stuff to offer? And why compete with other people who have already told the story of serial killer photographer better? I’m hoping the main character brings something new to the trope otherwise he’ll just be like the last main character no one cared about because of his cardboard “I lost my wife I have to find her” personality.

  14. hype mhhhh, I will just wait to see a gameplay review.


  16. Jimbo I’d like to see you do some Jimpressions of VR early access games.

  17. that’s not a knife. that’s one of those completely unpractical and silly knife like decor that tacky people think is cool.

  18. okay okay but actually thats a pretty ill lookin cover

  19. Robin Mattheussen

    This trailer is seriously making the antagonist look like one of the lamest villains ever.

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