The epic late-night Fortnite stream featuring Drake, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Ninja, Travis Scott | ESPN

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We trimmed down the epic late-night Fortnite stream featuring Drake, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Ninja and Travis Scott so that you can relive some of the best moments.

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  1. Ninja taking over the world!?

  2. Ninja on ESPN ? it’s lit!

  3. Ninja showing up everywhere now ?

  4. bruh wtf I never thought I’d see the day where a video game is so popular it shows up on a sports channel ?

    • You do know that the E in ESPN stands for right?

    • Steven Huizing entertainment but I would think its tailored to sports entertainment

    • Why comparing this with eSports event?
      This is just a regular streaming, not even a charity tournament, it’s kinda big when a huge entertainment media that doesnt regularly pay attention to “gaming” stuff promote the content, though maybe since Drake is there might have something to do with it, still counts

    • Baron Bolanos not it’s not, I hate all of these 10 year olds in the comments saying “it’s because of the video game.” fortnite isn’t even good and it’s the child’s version of pubg. It’s definitely the people playing, not the shitty ass game

  5. Drake is the goat

  6. Damn you know ninja killing shit when they got him on ESPN ??

  7. 2:59 God’s plan let’s get it ????

  8. My man Travis was on mute

  9. LMFAO ESPN for sure gonna get copyrighted

  10. that feel when fortnite twitch highlights make it to ESPN


  12. Espn was thinking E-sports guys calm down. Also Juju is an NFL player.

  13. ESPN Posting Fortnite ???? This Shit is Crazy

  14. espn out here tryna get views

  15. Haha I had to refresh it to make sure this was real. Thought YouTube was bugging on me again ??.

  16. why is this on espn lol ninja is god

  17. H U N C H O P H I L

    Espn Covering Fortnite. What a time to be alive. What’s next ? Smh

  18. You got bandaids?

  19. Why TF is ESPN posting gaming videos like they care about video games. GTOH ESPN lmfaoooo.

  20. Damn they got this dude on ESPN it’s lit

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