The Elder Scrolls Oblivion (The Videogame Show What I’ve Done)

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Rory Fingers give Bethesda's seminal classic, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, an educated and in-depth review.


  1. *nice reupload*

  2. But did you see a mudcrab the other day?

  3. Oh mai, 666k subscribers, Jim you handsome devil 😉

  4. more Rory Fingers? about time he came back… so much better then that jim sterling guy. 😀

  5. I gotta watch this quick before it gets taken down again!

  6. It’s re-uploaded! Lords be praised, Jim has returned !!

  7. Finally, a good indie game gets uploaded on Steam.

  8. Rory screwed this video up earlier by setting the export bars incorrectly and adding a couple minutes of black screen to the end. He better thank god for Jim, who instantly spotted the mistake and corrected it for him.

  9. This makes me want to make a mod for Oblivion where the part where the Emperor and the Blades appear doesn’t happen so you’re just stuck in the cell forever.

  10. Instead of bugthesda release Skyrim remaster they should remaster oblivion or morrowind.

  11. the fact that Skyrim music is playing in this is making me uncomfortably mad

  12. Then there’s the sequel, Skyrim, which is a death row simulator where you get to experience being executed in a third world country.

  13. I really enjoyed the part of the video where you was a prisoner inside the prison. Good very video Rory Fingers. I liked and subscribed because your video is enjoyable and good.

  14. window, get over by the prisoner, now!

  15. I can’t get used to seeing Oblivion footage with Skyrim music in the backround. It just feels wrong.

  16. Question Your World

    Excellent video… For those who haven’t noticed, it’s a parody. Violent video games causes violence. Prison video games makes people want to become prisoners.

    But Oblivion isn’t about prisons though there is a prison in it. And video games with violence in them, aren’t really about violence either. Hatred is a violent video game. Prison Break, the game, is about prisons… But neither one actual made people violent OR want to become a prisoner.

  17. Jim’s been watching Kilian Experience, hasn’t he?

  18. it wasnt a very long game, i mean it has cool graphics but it was a bit boring after a few hours hitting the same four walls and a pot and some chains.. the dude telling me something about a window was also getting on my nerves a bit

  19. Did I just watch a shitpost?

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