The Completely Politics-Free Video (The Jimquisition)

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I’ve been told my videos are too political and that I should just stick to games. Usually, I ignore such strange criticisms, but after one of the most grueling weeks in American politics, maybe we should try it.

Let’s give the totally apolitical what they want, and do an episode of the Jimquisition completely devoid of such contentious ideas or biases. It can totally be done. Probably. Maybe.


  1. Oh thank goodness, a safe space for my “free market of ideas”

  2. “Activision happened” should be a phrase used to describe horrific working conditions.

    “EA happened” should be… guessed it

    “Ubisoft happened” should be……correct again.

  3. Barley Sixseventwo

    “Now is the time for Unity, not Division!”

    But I don’t like either of those games. Can it be the time for Doom instead?

  4. “It’s immersive and realistic, especially when you upgrade your…uh..”
    Totally lost it mate XD Great job jim, this video was pure gold. It’s a shitpost, a well edited comedy bit, and a good message all wrapped up in a big ol’ non political safespace sandwitch.
    The sarcasm is so thick I could make smoothies out of it XD
    Videogames! No lickitung!? Dildo!!??

  5. I only recently noticed that “car” is short for “carriage”.

  6. What’s worse is that the dancing for extra hours wasn’t even directed at the employees: it was directed at the managers of the stores.

    So the “reward” isn’t EVEN aimed at the ppl doing the work. lol

  7. “wet messy impact”
    Never need to hear these words in this order again

  8. Chud: “I used to like Jim Sterling, but then he got gayer and political. I hate him now.”
    Chad: “I used to like Jim Sterling, but then he got gayer and “political”. I like him even more now.”

  9. So basically if you want to say games aren’t political you’re admitting a lack of maturity and an inability or unwillingness to consider ideas you don’t necessarily agree with in a healthy way…. sounds right.

  10. Apolitical Jim Sterling makes me feel like I’m listening to some smooth brained liberal news source instead of the usual nuanced leftie Jim.

  11. “Activision is a company that exists.”
    Not gonna lie, I’m angry already.

  12. Saying “I like turkey” is much too political.
    You’re both taking a stand against vegans and you’re endorsing a middle-eastern country.

  13. “Bioshock: a game about being wet.”
    I mean, he’s not wrong…

  14. “Apathy is death.”
    – Kreia, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II

  15. Man, this is an essay in Discourse Theory, Semiotics and Post Irony.

  16. I’m definitely here for Jim “bullying” The Gamers™

  17. Even as an Atheist I can full heartedly declare “Thank God for You.”

  18. The dishonest man says, “Meet me in the middle.”

    You take one step forward and they take one step back.

    The dishonest man says, “Meet me in the middle.”

  19. Jim’s absolutely right, When you hear people saying, “Stop complaining so much!” What they really mean is “Everything’s fine for me and you’re ruining it.” Complain away, Jim. Some people’s bubbles need to be burst.

  20. Keep being political, Jim. Trigger the right-wing snowflakes.

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