Cyberpunk 2077 Should Be Delayed For Three Years (The Jimquisition)

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The situation in Poland:

Yes, it’s time to talk about Cyberpunk 2077 again. The game just got an incredibly short delay, and the threatening response from so-called “fans” has been pathetic and alarming.

It’s weird that people who claim to love the company and its games were so quick to harass and threaten to kill the people who work there.

The protection CDPR’s branding gets from people is so far removed from the contempt shown to CDPR’s talent. In any case, this exhausting news cycle of a game doesn’t need a three week delay. Let’s give it the time it needs extend development by three years.

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  1. People sending death threats for a video game delay but don’t care about the worker abuse lmfao

  2. “they love games so much they want to kill the people that make them ” 不不不不不

  3. I dont see why everyone is complaining when we get the game 57 years early.

  4. “YouTube is the Devil’s glory hole”
    Words of wisdom, Jim. Words of wisdom

  5. Basically some people are complaining that you keep reminding them that they have a conscience. So bloody inconvenient Jim! How dare you!? I’m mean if this keeps up they might have to start not buying the games they want to buy. And then..THE WORLD WILL END!

  6. Jim: “Vote! Not for Turmp, he’s rubish.”
    Ubisoft: “That isn’t political.”

  7. I wish the companies just said it will be done when its done and then have the employees work 40 hour weeks until its finished. If they have deadlines hire more employees. I have a hard time believing AAA game CEOs need another yacht or another mansion, they can eat the costs to hire some people. A country having LGBT+ free zones is scary… and I thought things were bad here, yikes!

  8. These companies don’t recognize they could coax way more cash out of the pockets of bleeding hearts like myself if they aired on the side of employee advocacy.
    If I had PROOF that a company was treating its employees well, I would go out of my way to support their products, I doubt I am unique in this.

  9. “YouTube is the devil’s glory hole” might be my favorite Jim Sterling quote of all time!

  10. Cyberpunk junkies
    * Reads title *
    * Dislike *

    If you could wait 10 years, you can wait 3 weeks

  11. The Gamer mentality is literally just hate corporations when they hurt you but leap to their defence the second said corporation starts hurting the people who make your games

  12. If fanboys murder a developer because of a short delay, wouldnt that delay the game longer? 仄儭仄儭

  13. Theyre not passionate fans, theyre toxic.

  14. Hot take: the game should be delayed for fifty seven years.

  15. The day CDPR makes a bad game, those “fans” will turn on them like a pack of rabid wolves and tear them limb from limb.

  16. Jerem穩as Saavedra

    These people: “Videogames aren’t political!”
    Those same dudes, like, 0.5 seconds later: “Videogames are art!”

  17. Gamers are the worse examples of “consumption as identity.” Don’t really care about the worker abuse in the pipeline as long as the product-dependent ego is fed 打

  18. Its funny that the average weirdo defending abuse and crunch always comes off as someone who has never worked a job before, but desperately pretends that they have

  19. The opening minutes about being in a “cult” could be applied to politics today.

  20. I think TotalBiscuit put it best: “The problem with defining even an aspect of your personality by something that you like, is that criticism of that product appears to you to be criticism of you personally. I find it to be a very harmful attitude, […] you can’t rationally discuss a product because you’ve started to define yourself by its very existence.”

    Bloody hell I miss him.

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