Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – E3 2018 – Nintendo Switch

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Legendary worlds and fighters collide in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

New fighters…check.

New stages…check.

Every fighter that was ever featured in the series…

Prepare yourself for the ultimate showdown.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate arrives December 7, 2018!

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  1. “Smash Bros. is like the greatest game ever” -Maximillian Dood


  3. I am so excited that Solid Snake is back! And kept us waiting 10 years this time around haha

  4. 2:40 *kept you waiting, huh*

  5. Why everyone want waluigi ?

  6. Where’s Shrek? #rememberthepolls

  7. *”$* MaS *H* uLtImA *t* E™ iS a PoR *t* “

  8. Okay fine! I’m buying the switch just because of this game okay!! Just shut up and take my money!!!! So excited!

  9. imma sell my ps4 now and get this instead

  10. It could be better if they add story mode from super smash brawl

  11. wait why is Mario not a echo fighter of luigi? Nintendo ya done goofed again.
    Edit: Wow. Alot of you guys didn’t get the joke. Lol.

  12. Y’all keep asking for Waluigi.

    And I’m here hoping our Lord and Savior Phil Swift can join the roster

  13. Marvel: Infinity War is the biggest crossover
    Nintendo: Hold my beer.

  14. The 3k dislikes are all waluigi fans :/

  15. I watch this again every few days and every time it still gives me chills

  16. Neisha Nine-Starz

    For dlc add subspace emmsary classic sonic shadow proto man

  17. I bought a switch just for this game!

  18. I hate how people asked for Ridley and got it and are now demanding story mode, a demo and Waluigi. Its fine to have hopes for it but dont harass Sakurai over it

  19. People who are boycotting this game because Waluigi isn’t in the game need a good face punch.

  20. Ganondorf has his sword. That’s enough to make me happy.

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