Steelrising – Brilliantly Broken (Jimpressions)

The team at Spiders have produced their best work yet – a visually delightful Soulslike with flowing combat, overpowered weapons, and a robot in a powdered wig. It’s janky as heck, but I’m loving it!

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  1. I think you’ve just taken a Spiders experience and really, really sold me on everything in it. Steampunk Victorian robots in the French Revolution? You playing as a sultry robot girl bodyguard of the queen fighting back against the evil hordes? A cooldown mechanic that changes up the stamina system in an engaging way? A focus on the Bloodborne-style aggressive gameplay of the Soulslike genre? Campy jank story dialogue like a B-movie aired on MST3K? And all of this in an environment designed to NOT look entirely depressing, dingy and gloomy, but just enough to underscore the meaning of why you’re fighting? This is everything I want in a modern Soulslike.

    Also, props to great usage of the Police Squad theme at 9:00 with the AI-broken automaton. I laughed like a silly bitch there. Thank God for you!

  2. 6:23 which gimmick? I think I missed something.

    EDIT: Oh, you clarified that

  3. Luis-Raul Diaz-Rios

    0:43 oh PRETTY!


  4. This is amazingly positive for how the name and gameplay looked on the surface. Sounds pretty ok, Souls-like are becoming a tougher and tougher sell.

  5. What is the credits music?

  6. Luis-Raul Diaz-Rios



  7. Basteel is fucking perfect omg

  8. Happy to see you enjoy the game. I’ve seen a lot of people having fun with it, some even having a real good time with the Story. Also it seems to be very fairly priced which is another plus. If a game has a base level of fun gameplay powerful enough to get you through the potential jank you encounter it’s already solid, everything beyond that can be patched ot modded most of the time.

  9. yeah….I’m going to side with the negative reviews in Steam for this one they seem to be more on point on what I should expect from this and it’s not just the Spider jank either

  10. Don’t even FromSoft games have overpowered builds? I remember hearing the fanbase refferring to magic builds at baby mode. Broken builds are about the only way developers can introduce difficulty settings and/or accessiblity features in these times of games without the “hardcore” gamers losing their shit.

  11. *ymfah cut “what you need
    What you’ll kill
    What you get

  12. You’re convincing me to try it, Steph. The premise and protagonist really beg curiosity~ The overload mechanic is wonderfully thematic.
    (i noticed while looking it up, the deluxe edition is called ‘Bastille,’ so you were kinda right)

  13. You had me at the premise. Then the notion you can make broken builds? Love it!
    PvP ruins this in most of these types of games. I have zero interest in PvP in these types of games. Let me break the game by mixing things!

  14. I had decent fun with Thymesia, and that had its fair share of flaws too. That one was only 20 bucks, though, whereas this is close to a AAA price tag. I’ll probably get it on sale – it looks interesting, but not full-price-interesting.

  15. But the name “Dark Souls” is peak originality, isn’t it, Jim?

  16. Could’ve borrowed Square Enix naming convention called it Everyday Automaton.

  17. This game somewhat reminds me of Code Vein.

  18. you know your studio has a certain footprint when sterling describes it and you immediately go: “hang on that sounds like “of orcs and men””.

    and you are right.

  19. Call it Bass-Steel and go heavy on the fishing minigames

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