Mario Party Superstars – The Trendiest Video on Youtube!

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  1. Trendiest Video on YouTube! – No. 2 trending 😭

  2. Mr Vanoss Happy #11!


    *I’m honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, Keep it up!*

  4. I just realized Nogla kind of laughs like Seth Rogen and that’s a funny coincidence since he’s voicing Donkey Kong in the new Mario Movie and Nogla is playing as Donkey Kong.

  5. Hey 2nd on trending

  6. Go to the prop hunt video called nogla loves his nuts at 5:18 and come back to this video at 42:13

    This video: “150 Coins”
    The prop hunt video: “132 pound scrotum”

  7. Wow, at least that’s something I have in common with Vanoss. We both use gaming laptops

  8. I was laughing so hard that my stomach hurts where nogla keeps falling off the platform 😂😂

  9. Tbh when Nogla said “Veneers” I thought he said something else as well haha hahahahahaha

  10. Look Vanoss is trending in gaming yay, I love Mario Party.

  11. “Welcome to Virgin heaven” was timed so perfectly 😂😂💯😂😂

  12. well its currently “#2 on TRENDing for gaming”

  13. Thumbnail Nogla be looking like Emil from Nier.

  14. Funniest one yet😂

  15. Still waiting for 2 frogs going to space

  16. This comment is a trend.

  17. The Vanoss crew are going to be historical figures

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