Special Counter Force Attack – $9.99 And The Grenades Are All Duds (DTV)

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Somehow, Steam shovelware still manages to make new achievements in incompetence. Special Counter Force Attack has a gun-free third-person mode, grenades that don’t work, and a buddy I’ve called Clive who… well… you’ll see.


  1. ah how i missed your weird intros

  2. “Driving me to drink” sounds like a series in the making. The more ya drink, the better the shit game gets.

  3. oh hey, that menu screen is most certainly concept art from one of the STALKER games… OR, convincingly concept-art-esque fan art of STALKER. This is going to be fantastic.

  4. I’m 90% convinced the game title is such a mishmash of words as to make it appear is pretty much every fps shooter search on steam.

  5. Just because you can make a game doesn’t mean you should.
    Can’t wait for this to appear on the playstation store!

  6. Clive is a Unity asset protesting being in this game.

  7. I saw 5 seconds and IMMEDIATELY know it is not worth $10. And I’m sure Jim knew it before buying it, but wants to show us all how insanely stupid this game is.

  8. That was a pretty +A intro, but I’m not sure if anything will ever top “Hello you people in close proximity to a fruit that’s often confused with a vegetable! This is NeiR Automata (near a tomato)” that one was fucking quality

  9. Some teenager somewhere in the world is going to ask their parents for Battlefield V or BO4, and is going to get this game instead for Christmas…
    “Derrick, trust me, this game is just as good!”

  10. This is the same map layout, but with different assets, as another game you played. It hat lots of little spider heads and at one point you went into a wall and killed monsters from inside the wall. Yeah, same exact map layout for at least part of it.

  11. Throw hand grenade to waste the drugs. They were probably Clive’s drugs, he sabotaged all the grenades.

  12. Watching Clive randomly pass in front of the camera every now and again kept me laughing

  13. The title screen is just stolen art based on S.T.A.L.K.E.R

  14. Did you cut out the robot saying “kill them all”? I didn’t hear it. I think you might need a liedown, Jim.

  15. Nothing says quality production like text to speech voice over.

  16. And the award for the “Best Supporting Role in an Asset Flip” goes to…

    Private Clive Circles

  17. When this game has an NPC and Fallout 76 doesn’t.

  18. You got it all wrong. YOU are the NPC, and CLIVE is the player, on an escort mission. Now you know how it feels if your NPC walks too slow and you hate it for it and run in circles around it while waiting for the enemies to respawn for the third time.

  19. Poor Clive…

    He wanted so badly to be a soldier, but just lacked all the requisite skills. The top brass admired his enthusiasm, but knew he would be a liability in an actual combat scenario. For ages he languished in Armed Forces limbo until one day, his prayers were answered. There was a special forces unit that had just been developed, “The Special Counter Force” whose specialty was running gung-ho into battle and doing nothing. Clive jumped and ran circles around the opportunity, and immediately found himself an irreplaceable member of it’s ranks.

    This is his story.

  20. What am I even watching?! My head hurts 🤦🏻‍♀️.

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