Battlefield V – Battlefield Fine (Jimpressions)

Here is more Battlefield for you. It’s Battlefield V, and it’s perfectly fine. It’s fine. It’s absolutely totally fine. If you want another Battlefield, this is another Battlefield for you!


  1. A Jim video on turkey day. Happy Thanksgiving, indeed.

  2. D….did the soldier say “YES” when you stabbed his ass?

  3. Oh look, A new mod for BF1

  4. Battlefield numbers are confusing.

  5. You know what you’re getting with this. Which is fine

  6. Yeah well,that's just, like, your opinion, man

    Hard pass just like any CoD and Battlefield.

  7. I can’t get over the fact that they literally use the German Empire’s flag for Nazi Germany, lol.

  8. 10 seconds into Battlefield 5 and he stabs you in the butt…


  9. Can’t wait for Battlefield VI: Korea.
    Which would be basically a reskin of Battlefield 1.

  10. I’m glad SOMEONE finally mentioned how odd the speeches and orchestra music feels in the singleplayer story. You put into words what I was thinking but couldn’t express, in that the stories have a feeling of forced emotional gravitas that seems rather insincere and certainly undeserved.

  11. This video began exactly how I expect Jim would fight in a real war.

  12. Next Battlefield they should just go overboard like Bad Company 3 to an extreme degree or even a tongue in cheek alien invasion, we have had so many super serious shooters that having something that you can laugh with would really shake things up.

  13. I’m doing what the publisher told me to do. They told me not to buy it and I will stand by that. They know better than I do


  14. Why do Nazis always have explosive barrels around their defensive positions? Doesn’t seem very bright.

  15. Sorry Jim. But according to EA, I’m not intelligent enough to play this game.

  16. I genuinely thought this game came out months ago.

  17. Anglo-Saxon Heathen

    Call of Battlefield: Hard Pass

  18. I love how there’s nothing to talk about so he just talks about Mad Max:Fury Road

  19. Remember when Battlefield was about the vehicles and not just running and gunning with an SMG?

  20. tl;dw – “It’s fine”

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