SOULCALIBUR VI – Siegfried Reveal Trailer | PS4, X1, PC

“I will not surrender to this nightmare!” steps onto the stage of history wielding the massive Zweihander. He has but one reason to fight…to fully free himself from the cursed sword’s grasp!

VI hits , , and in 2018. Pre-order now @


  1. I want TAKI!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!

  2. I was getting worried my main was going to be omitted. My boy Siegfried is all the reason I need to pick up this game.

  3. 「Act Ecchi Nii-San」

    When’s Taki!

  4. FUCK YES!! I thought Siegfried was going to be DLC down the line because he’s part of Nightmare but I’m glad he’s his own character! Thank you Bandai Namco!

  5. Awesome! One of my favorites! But I need Seung Mina and Taki please!

  6. Playmore Media - بلايمور ميديا

    my guy

  7. I know he’s a staple in the series and all but I was still surprised that siegfried is in the main roster considering the timeline of the reboot. Nice.

  8. LetsPlaySagaraStyle

    I need Raphael like…Right now!!!

  9. Kirk Thorton is his voice actor! For those who don’t know, he played Gabumon, Saix (kingdom hearts) Jin (Samurai Champloo) Shadow the hedgehog!

  10. Dr.Sir Bruce Armstrong Mother Fucker The Third

    I can hear Maximillian screaming from here.

  11. Cassandra next please!

  12. I was hoping for Crispin Freeman to do his voice. Oh well.


  14. Character creation next plz

  15. If Guts & Griffith combined in one person …

  16. still miss his soul calibur 3 voice actor

  17. need TAKI and CHARACTER CREATION now

  18. You May like or dislike Siegfried but I think there is something we can all agree upon.
    *His Hair is Amazing*

  19. The camera work on that entire sword ignition bit is so *sick!*

  20. Игровой Чуланчик

    Not sure about that armor, to much skin exposed in some places. And since he’s not a woman to be overly sexualized, he looks like a shagrag, not a knight.

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