Fallout: New California Mod 2018 Action Teaser Trailer – Fallout: New Vegas 4K

: Mod Action Teaser Trailer – Fallout:

Will be available on Nexus once released

Moddb Page


The New Vegas Community

Solid Project

My Aesthetic Inspiration – Dantaefetticus


  1. Fuck yeah. Gonna be excellent. 😀 Should have the final release date trailer end of April after we sort out the remaining issues. You’re a rockstar, great work.

  2. Sweet trailer! Your vids are always amazing! =)

  3. mmmm…haha! Splendid!, simply delicious!

  4. Not That Guy The Other

    Those new NCR armours look beautiful. Are they taken from the Fallout 4 Cascadia mod? I was really hoping they’d find their way to NV at some point

  5. Apologies guys to those of you who aren’t into the track! This is just a teaser and I can assure you the next trailer’s soundtrack has a far more traditional Fallout feel to it! 🙂


  7. DEH

  8. I must admit, it will be much better than Fallout NV

  9. Finally, the trailer to the actual Fallout 4 is here.

  10. I have again installed Fallout NV just becouse this and The Frontier mod? I can’t wait to play them both☺

  11. MrCovin Jumpstyle

    After all these years, gonna re-install FNV just for this mod !!

  12. Amazing job, my brother! I’m proud you got the opportunity to do promotional work for New California. I am excited! Also, I am very flattered that I was your aesthetic inspiration when making this trailer. I am very inspired by your work as well! Thank you for putting my Flickr in the credits as well–I am very grateful.

  13. I’ve been hype for this mod since I was a sophomore. I’m a junior in college now…

  14. Lets’s goooo

  15. ooooo can’t wait! 😀

    ~ Fallout New Ronto – Lead Dev

  16. William Lionheart

    Great job Lucian, the track fits with the sequence so don’t worry about it. An action packed trailer deserves an action based track.

  17. WOW! That was incredible! More hyped for this than for any AAA release on the horizon. Keep up the amazing work @LucianHector!

  18. So beautifull❤

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