Sea Of Solitude – Cry Me A River (Jimpressions)

Sea of Solitude is the latest critical darling indie game about mental health. Throw it in with the others!

But seriously, it’s pretty good. Y’know, it’s fine. I like the big fish monster!


  1. a stealthy ninja

    That game looks fun.
    I should play that in the morning after having my orange juice

  2. Saw another video on this and all I could think was ‘seems like Alice: Madness Returns without the majority of the features.’ That said, minimalism can be fine, even great, but they have to absolutely nail the few mechanics they do have.

  3. Another game being a metaphor for mental health? Color me (unique weird art style) surprised!

  4. Friday The 13th part 6 Jason Lives best sequel ever

  5. Gaming at the Edge of Casual

    I’m not going to lie: I didn’t realize that “critical darling indie games about mental health” was a genre. Maybe I simply never thought about it or I don’t play enough indie games.

    This is a good review. Definitely gives a good overview of the pros and cons. I’m sort of with you, though–it’s difficult to make time for games that aren’t excellent in some way.

  6. You might not have sole me on this game, but goddamn if you didn’t sell me on Jason Lives!

  7. Looks like an okay PS+ game.

  8. I admire the thought behind the game. As someone who lives with bipolar I disorder, games that tackle the subject mental illness are usually a good thing.
    But I feel the critics are loving the game, less because of the game itself and more of the subject material.

  9. I SEA what you did there with the title of the thumbnail ????

  10. Well shit, now I have to go watch a Jason movie. First time for everything, I suppose.

  11. I refunded the game on PC. It’s pretty but boring as hell and depressing.

  12. I’m ashamed to say that for the past year I undervalued Jim’s perspective on the industry simply reducing it as edgy content. There was a wall of text following the last sentence and I felt I had to delete it because it was turning into a small article. The point was it took a year for me to understand what motivates him, empathize with the work, and appreciate his importance as a person. For the sake of brevity, thank god for Jim.

  13. Your analysis of Jason Lives was incredible. Jason Lives is the best Friday the 13th movie: Don’t Change My Mind

  14. Kristoffer Johnsen

    I feel like games about mental health almost become immune to criticism because of the subject matter.
    It really shouldn’t be that way.

  15. The game is a visual delight. I would like to see more games by the same artistic team at least. The gameplay does look a little lackluster for me personally, but I’ll still probalby pick it up eventually.

  16. Wrongspeak Auditor

    I would have been sold on this game were it in literally any genre other than ‘adventure’ which is basically the genre developers shoot for when they have a really interesting setting but can’t be arsed to aim higher than that.

  17. It’s just like Rime imo, only with more dialog.

  18. I literally thought this will be a late Sea of Thieves Jimpressions.

  19. I know Jim doesn’t normally review movies but he should for Spider-Man far from home because of Mysterio

  20. It goes back to what you said about art games and Dear Esther: They’re becoming ordinary.

    It’s like horror games that play out from the perspective of a child or are themed around corruption of childhood innocence. A-la, yes it’s a good idea. And everyone else agrees, so you’re going to need a little more than that.

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