Nintendo Entertainment System – Rewind Feature – Nintendo Switch Online

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On July 17, a Rewind feature will be available to use with the entire collection of NES – Nintendo Switch Online games, allowing players to easily rewind gameplay by pressing and holding ZL + ZR if they make a mistake or just want to retry a section of the game!

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  1. This is just what we wanted from Nintendo Online, not SNES games but this

    -No one ever

  2. Oh wow thanks for fixing the online servers and giving us SNES and more game……. Oh wait ☹️

  3. Sweet, I always wanted a Mario/Prince of Persia crossover.

  4. Ok but when are we getting SNES or even GB and 64 games

  5. * Casually strolls through comments to find it’s rewind time comments *

  6. Doesn’t that ruin the point of the game? Also SNES and N64 games PLEASE!

  7. That feature is amazing, but do you know what else is? SNES games (and N64 and Gamecube games also)

  8. Hey Nintendo how about “Rewind” to the Wii time line and bring back Virtual Console. ENOUGH WITH THE NES GAMES!

  9. Can’t we just get some decent games with some actual value?? SNES? N64?

  10. Pls make SNES, Nintendo 64 and GC games at switch for online members

  11. not to be one of those people being like “NINTeNdo iF yOu dONt giVE uS sNEs oNLiNE fOR sWiTCh i wiLL diE!!1” but itd be quite rad

  12. No voice chat, no good online play, no messaging system, no nothing but hey atleast we get a rewind feature.

  13. Fans ” Hey Nintendo can you fix online or at least give us SNES?”
    Nintendo “its rewind time”

  14. Nintendo: Its rewind time.
    Fans: But not SNES Games?
    Also Nintendo: I said its rewind time. So shut up.

  15. Kinda cheating especially with puzzle games like dr Mario, warios woods and yoshi cookie

  16. Literally everyone who is a fan of Nintendo: “Can we have SNES online?”

    Nintendo: “Good question”

  17. Oh wow what a great, new, compelling feature that’s definitely going to make me care about the nes games.

    Please, at least give us SNES.

  18. You know what would be cool?
    *V I R T U A L C O N S O L E*

  19. I actually like this it’s a nice feature. But evryones disappointed because its not SNES GAMES! Come on guys give us what we want!!!

  20. Is it a cool rewind?
    Nope, just constant save states.

    Ah… Can we get more games now?

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