Screw You, I Have A PS5 Now! (The Jimquisition)

After a long and arduous journey, I have acquired a PlayStation 5 home entertainment console and I did it all on my own. It’s time we celebrated how better I am than everyone else.

Also, I suppose we could talk about the PlayStation 5, right? Talk about what it does, and looks like, and how ridiculous large it is. So let’s do that as well!


  1. less than a second in and already this video has me

  2. Stop that person! They’re having fun!

  3. I’ll get a PS5 when DRAGONS DOGMA 2 COMES OUT BABY!!!!

  4. Last time I was this early, Jim didn’t have a PS5.

    …I can’t think of anything more clever than that.

  5. So, you have joined the game bourgeoisie…

  6. Jim, are you planing on making a post-mortem for Marvels Avangers at some point?

  7. either Jim is smaller than i thought or the PS5 is huge

  8. The black gloves make him look like a thief who robbed someone’s ps5 and flexes it online

  9. The people who sold the PS5 probably said “THANK GOD ITS JIM”

  10. I’m just a bit disappointed you didn’t use the macho man “OOOOOOOOHHH” sound effect from Bloodstained for when the piranha plant climaxed all over the PS5

  11. I’m actually more than happy to wait at least a year and a half before getting a PS5. As gaming matures or should I say, gets increasingly capitalism’d, it pays more and more to just wait (hotfixes, patches, more games/content, discounts, alternate hardware, GOTY versions etc.).

    But congrats Jim, enjoy! 🙂

  12. I loved the “unboxing” part, straight to the point!

  13. Seeing a Piranha Plant humping a PS5 wasn’t what I expected to see today.

  14. hmmmm… i feel like this ps5 is a metaphor…

  15. I expect that kiss mark to stay on that PS5 in every image of a PS5 you show for the whole rest of this generation’s life cycle, Jim!

  16. Im more mad about the dude you clearly killed. I mean he was probably an ebay scalper and you could have gotten rabies

  17. “you probably don’t have a ps5 because you’re lazy”

    hey! …yeah alright…

  18. “If you watch content like that, you’re broken mate!” Pure gold!

  19. _It’s over for us now, Jim has access to Bugsnax._

  20. I don’t think Mr Sterling’s lipstick matches his hat.

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