Demon’s Souls – The PS5’s Best PS3 Game (Jimpressions)

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Demon’s Souls is pretty much the sole PS5 exclusive of any circumstance, which is impressive when you remember it’s also a PS3 game.

From Software’s incredibly influential 2009 release is one of my favorites, and I’ve wanted to see it rebuilt for years. Now it’s finally here, with some quality of life improvements, a lovely new coat of paint, and the online accoutrements back at their peak.

It’s very enjoyable. Very, very enjoyable. By far the best PS3 game the PS5’s ever had.


  1. What a lovely introduction..

  2. Let strength be granted, so the world might be mended.

  3. Hey Jim can we expect a video titled “A bit of poison on me blade and let’s go Again” when talking about the remaster of greed fall for next gen?

  4. Scalpers’ Souls: your journey through the scalper underworld in order to get a ps5 at the normal price.

  5. I can’t wait for the PS6 to come with Shadow of the Colossus at launch

  6. Look at Jim Sterling playing the $90 *Digital Deluxe* Edition

  7. thats a bold title considering gta 5 is on the system too
    edit) i dont care about gta5 its just the joke that that game has been around for so long

  8. “Non-binary finery” Okay Jim, you win this round of based puns.

  9. I hereby interacted with the video for algorithm purposes. Up it goes. Probably. Who knows. It’s Youtube.

  10. I look forward to playing this, just as soon as PS5’s aren’t being kidnapped and ransomed. 🙄

  11. Love the coining of the phrase “non binary finery”

  12. Those moments you realize other people were affected as powerfully by parts of a beloved game as you were.
    Ah, I needed to smile like that this morning.

  13. Every other player “Why are mine boys so tanky”

    Jim Sterling: ~Thrusts~

  14. Jim, you have a heart of gold. Don’t let them take it from you.

  15. Petition to rename NB Fashion “Non-binary finery”

  16. ok but imagine if jim was just using the ps3 version in the background when he talked about the game

  17. “Non-binary finery” Well done, I appreciate this wordplay.

  18. Nonbinary finery is a term I’m gonna tuck into my lexicon now

  19. Review: Don’t rush to buy a PS5 for Demon’s Souls.
    But if you have a PS5, buy Demon’s Souls.

  20. PSA: If you buy from scalpers, you are the reason scalpers exist.

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