Scott Cawthon Simps Just Love To Hate (The Jimquisition)

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It doesn’t take much get the defenders of Scott Cawthon to take their masks off and reveal the frothing hatred underneath.

Enjoy this little recap of what those who stan for the creator of Five Nights at Freddy’s had say this past week. It’s quite horrible, folks!


  1. Scott Cawthon fans are infinitely more mad about his critics than scott cawthon’s critics ever were.

  2. I love how people are now acting like FNAF is this “hardcore gamer series for hardcore gamers(tm)” when the hardcore gamers(tm) didn’t give a shit about FNAF before all of this. Like am I the only one who remembers that FNAF was mostly hated and seen a cheap mediocre at best series by those outside of its rather niche community?

  3. The guy in the sparkly mask being 1000% deadface while everyone else laughs maniacally in that laughing clip…
    It always gets me. 🤣

  4. “Hardcore Gamers” is _not_ how I would describe FNAF fans…

    I’ve always thought games have the power to be incredibly inclusive, more so than many traditional sports etc.
    It’s such a shame to see things playing out the way they are…

  5. I remember when everyone was sick and tired of this tired and sick series. Now it comes out that Scott gives money to some of the worst elected officials in American politics and the “Own the Libs” crowd has to shit out their time and life savings for this series for the next half a decade and make it an international fucking conversation for a few years.

  6. “Imagine finding Sterling pretty” these people are supposedly FNAF fans, who really gives a shit about what aesthetics they value lol

  7. Regarding Scott Cawthorn quitting game development, I totally believe that he’s going to be back. Once he feels that the heat has died down, he’s going to come out of retirement and announce Five Nights at Freddy’s part 4,112 or whatever.

  8. You’re one of the few video game channels I still follow and only one talking about recent events, others are reviews and analysis. Keep up the good work.

  9. Transphobes posting pictures of trans people where they look happy and cute as a “gotcha” is the funniest shit. Like, these are selfies, dudes, they put those pictures up by choice.

  10. The Last Wind Waker

    The people who say things like “Oh my god, who cares!” when you criticize something are always way more offended than they think you are.

  11. “Hardcore gamers” are not fnaf fans to me.

    “Embarrassing, emotionally abusive children” would be more accurate.

  12. No one comes out as trans for “clout” or “to be trendy”. None of us would force anyone to be trans either for the precise reason that *being trans often makes your life harder because of bigotry.*

    Ooh, love to be repeatedly insisted by my parents that I’m still their son! I feel so cool and trendy because my dad’s in fucking denial that I’m not a carbon-copy of him! (rolling eyes) Christ in hell…

  13. Tbh him being an asshole was legitimately devastating because as a trans guy I vibed with for instance The Mangle and a few other characters super hard, and I know there was a huge LGBTQ fan base in general.

  14. Chad Fallon-Senechal

    What the fuck was that stock footage of the guy in the bath with flowers getting mad at a laptop? I fucking love it. Thank you so much for bringing that into our lives, Justin.

  15. “Well Jim is weird too”
    Cut to me thinking of the multiple times Jim has brandished a bat made from a sex toy on camera……
    “Yea, the weird is kinda the point.”

  16. It is very, very funny when going “Bad people are bad” gets a bunch of responses along the lines of “How dare you insult me” with zero self-awareness.

  17. “Imagine finding Sterling pretty”, 1, uh, yeah, they ARE, actually. 2, I’m not sure FNAF fans are the right people to be making aesthetic judgements.

  18. “Stephanie is NB for clout”
    *Jimquisition’s Numbers drop because Stephanie is outspoken on LGBT issues as an NB person*

  19. The drooling trollkin seem most annoyed that Sterling exists and is happy. Which seems like a win-win.

  20. Cap'n Chumpington Esq.

    “How’s your wife’s boyfriend?” “He’s alright”
    Never change Steph, never change

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