Sam Fisher’s farewell to Snake

When you realise you’re the last of your kind.


  1. sad reacts only

  2. Why are we still here

  3. hums peace walker theme

  4. Can love blossom in the battlefield?

  5. Mohammad Altayyar

    just to suffer, every night

  6. i just hope theres a splinter cell this year if they bought back ironsides

  7. It makes me even more sad that he’s referring to Solid Snake, but this video pays tribute to Big Boss instead

  8. Ubisoft cares more for Metal Gear than Konami does

  9. Ubisoft leave Sam already, our sir is already too old let him rest.

  10. Михаил Ташкинов

    I just wanna cry at this moment.

  11. sebastian maldonado

    The last of his class, a real soldier, a true patriot

  12. Snake… had a hard life.

  13. First Gabe, now Snake. Sam is it my fellow stealth players. The weight of him being the last one… Brings an actual tear.

  14. Sam, Snake and Gabe. The *REAL* Expendables.

  15. Konami wastes so much time over the past few years trashing Kojima and his crew, only for their efforts to put out a pachinko machine and a shitty zombie survival game with the husk of MGS5 plastered over it, with quite possibly one of the awards for Worst Microtransactions Ever.
    Ubisoft makes one little game update for a game that was already released for a year or so at this point, adds in one little crossover and with ONE SINGLE LINE OF RESPONSE from Michael Ironside makes us all cry like babies. Ubisoft has actual reverence for this franchise, while Konami made a very literal zombie franchise out of it after a single game away from its creator.

  16. “it’s only me”
    oh my god

  17. I got teary eyed, Snake lived a very hard life. He deserves better than this. Now I want to see someone write a fanfic about Sam visiting Snake and talk about the good old time.

  18. FoolyCoolyBlackLagoony

    “Then it’s only me….”
    That hit way harder than I thought it would.

  19. 0:56

    The look of a man who just realized that he outlived all his comrades in arms.

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