Extinction – It Stinks, Son! (Jimpressions)

This is an absolute horror show of a game and I cannot recommend anybody buy it or even accept it for free. Sod this ripoff.


  1. this game must have faced extinction when it came out..

  2. ExSTINKtion ?

  3. Never heard about this game.

  4. You should talk about Maximum games as a whole. All their games suck major ass

  5. Jim I don’t ask this often of you, Spy Party comes out tomorrow you should show it some love. It needs attention, seeing that steam won’t give it for sure.

  6. Shadow of the colassass

  7. This makes Dynasty Warriors 9 look like Bayonetta.

  8. In the description it says, “Sod this Attack on Titan ripoff.”

    YouTube Gaming also thinks this game is Attack on Titan, not Extinction.


  9. 12 hits for a tiny monster (4:30ish) but only 5 attacks (1:15ish + 1 strike earlier removing the armor on the foot – 1 strike for removing shoulder pad, 6 if that had to go first) for a titan?

  10. Just get Attack on Titan 2 instead of this crappy game. Or neither.

  11. Me seeing the gameplay for the first few seconds “looks fun”

    Hearing the voice acting: “oh. Oh.”

  12. Shadow of the Molasses

  13. I never heard of this game and it has a digital deluxe edition ? I am not surprised.

  14. So what you’re saying is that the game is the next Persona 5?

  15. にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien

    As it is I’d say it worth 20$, it has the potential but lack of depth and polish
    60$ is just nope

  16. You didn’t mention how awful the NPC chatter is.. they won’t EVER shut-up. Die while fighting and your ally NPC will sometimes say that “you deserved that”. Great dialog! I clearly deserved to DIE while trying to save the city and civilians.

  17. So Jim, this video just leaves us with one question… just how MANY bottles of wine will fit? You said “a couple.” The devil is in the details, though….

  18. 15 dollar game at a 60 dollar price

  19. Third Street Saints

    7 years later and Kingdom’s of Amalur is still better then this game lol

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