Road 96 – Country Roads (Jimpressions)

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Road adventures, oppressive regimes, and robbery. Road 96 is a well written little game about the country in a quest for the border.


  1. I really love this game. Been kind of obsessed with it tbh. I especially love Stan and Mitch for the big beautiful idiots they are. Hope this gets the praise it deserves.

  2. Looks like they tried to make a Telltale style game, but with more jank. Looks cool though

  3. This was a great game! Sure it has some issues but story and gameplay make up for all of it imo.

  4. Okay that’s straight on the wishlist, keep making these

  5. Ta. I was just looking at this on Steam, wondering if I should take a punt on it, and then this notification popped up. Thanks, and get out of my head!

  6. Tamberlane Arcadia

    Huh well if Sterling likes this then it must be good. They seem so difficult to please.

  7. Seems interesting! Thanks for highlighting games I would never heard of otherwise ☺️

  8. Just played this with my husband and we both really loved it!

  9. When Jim says they found something fairly enjoyable you know you have to buy it.

  10. How cool would it be to play Quake inside of Road 96? I mean it came out in 1996

  11. I didn’t even know this game existed; looks really fun!

  12. The madlads actually went and set the Steam price at $19.96.

  13. This looks good. Thanks for the tip!

  14. Was hoping you’d cover this. Totally fair comment on the game’s issues, playing on Switch too and I completely agree. Yet I still think it might end up being one of my favourite games of this year.

  15. Two Jimpressions in under a week? You spoil me JSS, you spoil me…

  16. Okay, this started off looking low key, but by the end I’m convinced, I need to try this out, it looks so strange and interesting I must give it a try

  17. Three consecutive videos? I’m feeling pretty lucky this week (may even do the lotto)

  18. This seams like something I’d definitely be interested in. Steph is reviewing good games? A refreshing change of pace.

  19. Oh, I hope you do a jimpression on the Quake remaster. I’ve not seen any reviews on it.

  20. Hadn’t heard about this, but definitely intrigued. Thanks for the heads up~

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