World Of Warsh*ts (The Jimquisition)

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A most highly requested episode, we take a over the recent kerfuffle involving Wargaming and its tumultuous community.

World of Warships, like many free-to-play games, has only gotten more shameless with time, and its latest stunt involving loot boxes was seen as a bridge too far. There’s been a walkout, and that’s good to see, because loot boxes are filth.

So anyway, let’s at all that!


  1. Jim genuinely looks better and more iconic with every episode.

  2. My friend has been filling me in on this situation as it develops, I didn’t quite expect this story to be covered here but I’m all here for it.

  3. Oh man, Wargaming is a HUGE treasure trove of outrageous, toxic monetization and developer culture.

  4. Jim Steph you look great. Congrats on the healthy lifestyle & being yourself.

  5. Ah, crapping on WarGaming. The cream I needed in my coffee this morning

  6. I used to play World of Tanks when the EvE online servers were down. Never again, my life was spreadsheets and premium tank shells.

  7. You deserve to be the target of love campaigns every single day! You’re looking great and so much happier/more comfortable with who you are! Keep on being your awesome self and thank you for letting us be along for the ride in the small way we’re able. 💜

  8. “The fan base is fucking exhausting.”
    Honestly, name a fanbase that isn’t.

  9. It’s really nice to see JSS is looking healthy. Thank god for them

  10. Bravo, Wargaming fan base. You managed to do what most gamers haven’t- you walked away in response to a exploitative game management. Seriously, I wish more of us had the chutzpah to go “Fuck it, I’m out” and just find a new game.

  11. Thanks for covering this and spreading the word! The community for that game is beyond exhausted with this long string of screw-ups.

  12. Oh hey, TheMightyJingles had some hilarious coverage in today’s Mingles with Jingles regarding some url shenanigans.

  13. I’m glad you received and were overwhelmed by a tidal wave of care and support. So many of us genuinely love you for everything you are and everything you do. Not just for the video game industry, but for the spotlight you shine on the inequality in our society itself. Its bound to ruffle feathers, but it’s an important message that needs to be heard.

  14. Imagine playing a game so much that it becomes a job, that even when quitting said game, the developers treat it like a team member leaving. Just weird.

  15. The tragicomic thing with wargamings response is that it sounded exactly like the abusive ex Jingle accused them of being – trying to save face by issuing empty promises in the hope that they’ll be seen as the more reasonable party “they might not want anything to do with us, but we’re willing to give them another chance. We’re open to talking it out (but we won’t ever change)”

  16. The Mighty Jingles

    I just got quoted by Jim Stephanie Fucking Sterling, son! Thank God for them!

  17. The Wargaming press release reads like someone passive-aggressively notifying people they had a breakup, without mentioning that they cheated on their partner and slept with 30 other people across the span of a week.

  18. In the end, the Mightiest Jingle was the jingle of the bell that tolled for Wargaming’s brand reputation.

  19. I like how Justin, the editor, is becoming a character of the show as much as Sterling.

  20. Wargaming’s very apparent enthusiasm for frustrating grind finally reaches a logical endpoint. The loot boxes pissed me off a lot when they were introduced to WoWS and WoT, I don’t care that the game is free, it’s egregious and shows how they’ve strayed completely from their original vision… or maybe this was the plan all along…

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