Resident Evil 2 One-Shot Demo – Juicy Details (Jimpressions)

Resident Evil 2 is getting its long awaited remake soon, and Capcom has graced the world with a one-shot thirty minute demo in the RCPD.

So what do we think of that then?


  1. Look… if you had *one shot*

  2. N.obody Sevenhundred

    Unlike certain other remakes, when a company says they’ll make one, they made one. Unlike certain games…

    It’s Final Fantasy Seven. That game will be made when my kids are in college… and they’re not even one years old

  3. Wait you can only play this demo once?

  4. ClemmyGames - The Best Of Indie Games

    Looks good! On par with RE7 visually. Not a fan of the genre so never got into them but people seem happy its coming out!

  5. I do like the free demo being a thing again. It’s like my youth! Decent game too, but mostly I really like the one shot demo

  6. びんびんごはんケーキー

    Tofu man is back! Looking even more watery and soggy then ever!

  7. Won’t buy it cause it’s not playable on Soulja Boy’s game console

  8. i wish more companies give us free demos of their games before release

  9. Jim is enjoying a game that isn’t another indie pixelated rougelike metroidvania sidescroller? Man 2019 is so weird already

  10. 0:05 wtf, why does the floor give way? zombie apocalypse created zombie termites or something?

  11. Lol @ the Randy Pitchford joke at the beginning xD

  12. I love zombies, people need to stop talking shit about them.

  13. The game is incredibly optimized for pc it’s fantastic.

  14. Capcom have never been able to get Leon to look quite right since Resident Evil 4

  15. Bring back Boglinwatch! Anyone else with me? No…okay then. I’ll just have you know it was literally the most popular Boglin show on this channel.

  16. The controls of the original games were perfectly designed to complement the presentation. The games weren’t scary because the controls were crap, they were scary because resources were limited and the zombies were pretty resilient early on. Tank controls worked great with fixed camera angles, and Resi’s version of them were responsive and smooth. Someone brought up on modern control schemes will undoubtedly have issues at first, but a few minutes of play by a person with even mediocre skill will see you moving around freely and planning your movements and when to fire (another addition to the tension of the originals). In short, the crapness of tank controls is MASSIVELY overblown. That said, the Remake completely nails the atmosphere and spirit of the old games while still applying modern controls. I was initially disappointed that it wasn’t going to be old school style RE, but man, they fucking nailed it with this remake….I’m glad to have been wrong.

  17. Jesus, enhanced graphics really makes this one look even better.

  18. In spite of all its flaws, Capcom seems committed to experimenting with and improving upon Resident Evil to keep it alive. A mostly single-player franchise being kept alive by a TRIPLE A publisher in this day and age?!? The Capcom people honestly seems more committed than the old-school fanbase who only seems committed to whining whenever they release a resident evil game that isnt EXACTLY like 1, 2 or 3.

  19. Star Wolf 128's Bossfights Archive

    5:45 “Did I ever tell you how I got these scars?”

  20. I’m still hoping that the Dino Crisis 1 and 2 will get that treatment. I know it won’t happen but I can dream.^^

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