Bungie And Activision Split, Bungie To Self Publish Destiny

Bungie and Activision Blizzard are to part ways, with Bungie self publishing Destiny from now on. Reportedly, employees were so happy about the news they cheered and popped out the champagne.

It will be interesting to see what the future of Destiny 2 and the Destiny series looks like from now on. One hopes the split from an avaricious publisher will lead to a marked improvement.

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  1. BioWare, do you see that? Do the same before you rot away forever!!

  2. How often can you say Bungie jumping without a cord is actually a preferable situation?

  3. Since NetEase invested 100 million toward’s Bungie, it would be interesting to see if Bungie’s newer games include even more microtransactions compared to when they were still with ATVI.

  4. “Destiny 2 now available exclusively on the Epic Store!”

  5. That’s fine, until you learn that NetEase invested $100 million into Bungie.

  6. Now if only Blizzard could do the same. But alas, it’s almost certainly too late for that.

  7. everyone’s jumped to referring to this as a divorce huh

  8. And there was much rejoicing.

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    So much for “Below Expectations”

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    Bungie: Now technically an indie studio

  11. *I’m leaving you Activision and I’m taking Destiny with me*

  12. Video games as art, and entertainment media; not as a shareholder’s new putter. Keep games clean.

  13. Hit or miss, guess Bungie took the kid huh?

  14. Here’s hoping that it turns out all the shit Bungie pulled with Destiny so far turns out to have been corp mandated by Activision, and that things take a turn for the better here. Here’s hoping they can pull themselves back out from being shit.

    I realise that by saying this I practically guarentee that it turns out that, somehow, beyond all reason, ActiBlizz was a MODERATING influence on Bungie’s desire for loot boxes, because these days the world is apparently written like a bad 40k novel where EVERYTHING must be as shitawful as possible and damn the reasons why, but dammit, I want this to be a turning point where Bungie redeem themselves, let me wallow in my delusions.

  15. This is disappointing news, so your telling me I can never get a red dot sight in destiny now.

  16. Bungie just had an epic gamer moment

  17. The question remains, who is responsible for each element in Destiny / Destiny 2 to begin with? Bungie is a great game engine developer to push a FPS successfully onto consoles but the whole fiasco with Destiny not having a story, having problems that MMO and Looters solved a decade before seemed to be a design and development problem rooted in Bungie delivering a rather underwhelming product, showing a lack of foresight in design and development.

    Bungie promised Activision revenue goals and timelines when they signed on the dotted line with Activision, a lot of Bungie’s issues were not delivering on those goals like a promised launch product and forecast revenue which made Activision push them to generate revenue and stick to timelines to maintain itself… I am more surprised Activision didn’t push for Bungie to merge with Blizzard, leaving Bungie staff to be engine development and giving Blizzard creative talent to handle content.

    Bungie is a developer that promises heaps, and takes a long time to deliver. Them going independent may not be a good thing. After all, most of the best Halo got, was when they were swimming in Microsoft money and had development goals to deliver flagship titles… now their goal, is to keep their staff employed and their lights on? So, what is there plan moving forward? If they go free2play, that adds development time, and considering they learnt “microtransactions” from Activision and Microsoft, they may just end up shooting themselves in the foot with a heavy ammunition!

  18. Jason Scryer lmao

  19. Please make good games now bungie

  20. Fantastic News. Destiny might be worth diving back into.
    Bioware, DICE… You guys listening?

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