Red Dead Online – Red Dead Transaction (Jimpressions)

Red Dead Redemption 2 has launched the beta for its online mode and Red Dead Online is… fun? It’s quite a lot of fun actually, but it’s let down by stingy payouts and the shadow of microtransactions.

Gold bars are a grind and cash comes at a pittance. The core of the game’s a laugh but it’s so discouraging without premium pricing that I don’t know how much time I want to spend in it.


  1. Micah transactions hehe

  2. Micro transactions, the most outlaw thing in the west

  3. In Red Dead Online, a Mauser Pistol costs $1000.
    In real life they were $30.
    The prices are complete pants.

  4. This will be grind of the year

  5. Red dead online: your wallet is mine wallet – Rockstargames

  6. I suffered my way through GTA Online as a person who refused to purchase the microtransactions. It was complete torture. I highly recommend you avoid taking Red Dead Online seriously. It is already heading in the miserable direction that GTA Online currently finds itself in.

  7. Who knew that the company that claims it’s undermonitizing it’s users would make it more of a grind to earn money.

  8. I laugh at anyone who didn’t see this coming.

  9. A huge greedy cash grab, who woulda guessed.

  10. It just makes me want to go back to singleplayer

  11. Sounds like a AAA game in 2018 alright 😑

  12. Wait til all the reviews go up, then insert microtransactions. Well macrotransactions if shark card pricing is anything to go by.

  13. Dont you guys want pride and accomplishment?

  14. So you can play all day and you only get… A Fistful of Dollars. Later, with microtransactions, you’ll be able to spend A Few Dollars More.

  15. I got 40cents for delivering the mail and a haircut is $16. I been playing all day and have amassed nothing more than a few dollars. I can’t buy a decent gun or anything. I feel the same as Jim. I really don’t feel like going on here and getting nowhere with cash. I dont feel that even gta was this mean. I am ready to give up now as life is just too short for this kind of nonsense…

  16. I’m so sick of grind. I’m sick of being forced to play a game for hours against people with better weapons on top of better knowledge of the maps and mechanics just unlock the privilege of being competitive. I’m sick of devs using grind to cover up their inability to balance their games. I’m sick of devs waging war on my patience to try and pry open my wallet.

  17. I remember when Jesse James and Wild Bill pioneered micro transactions…

  18. The problem is that you’re earning money in 1899, but spending it in 2018.

  19. ROCKSTAR: “Have some god damned faith!”
    GAMERS: “…nope.”

  20. I love this game and that makes me hate the fact that they put microtransactions in this game so much more

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