PUBG 1.0 Highlights – Episode 1

The Seatbelts – Tank! (Suggested by squall6789)
– Separate Ways

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  2. 2:16
    thank you, brother. You’re the best <3!

  3. Holy shit man, your videos are top quality every time. Nice use of the Cowboy Beebop theme

  4. 8:54 And thats how, dear kids, Erangel has a satellite

  5. I like the NoHands-Clip… this dude is a legend!

  6. 3:45 that guys is controlling all with his mouth! so sick

  7. That Cowboy Bebop intro, so fucking good.

  8. Finally after long wait! These are just pure gold compared to other pubg compilations!!! Quality is just top level!

  9. dearsomeone + replay feature =EPIC

  10. Here comes the greeting from France, just have to say that I love your editing and love your music choice and you combine it perfectly! I am really curious are you a filmmaking student? Anyway, thanks for the hard working and the beautiful masterpiece! Bonne continuation!

  11. the last guy….. pogchamp

  12. Last clip was the most adorable thing I’ve seen in my life

  13. THE BEST 3:58

  14. That was AMAZING – 4:05 WAS THE BEST

  15. 7:42 intersteller docking scene

  16. 3:30 I see the champchamp made the cut

  17. Чо посоны? нежная хаешечка?

  18. i checked everyday the last 2 weeks and now its finally out and it is awesome! thanks dude nice work as always 😀
    fkn good clips!!!!

  19. the best edition

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