Anger (The Jimquisition)

According to journalists, “angry videos” have demoralized employees of Electronic Arts and BioWare.

So… let’s talk about that anger, shall we?


  1. Daaaaaammmnnnnn. Awesome episode.

  2. Drink a Beer and Play a Game

    Polygon blaming the supervisors…color me surprised

  3. I knew Jim was going to do a video on this as soon as I saw the Extra Credits one.

  4. Can we get a public gaming warning system of games to just not buy? like a twitter message saying, “this game is coming out, its bullshit, don’t buy it?”

  5. No wide change ever happened by people politely asking for it. “A riot is the language of the unheard.” -MLK

  6. You know what’s a good way to not get “Angry YouTubers” criticism?


    But that would require them having a brain.

  7. That’s enough ! EA must pay !!

  8. Anger is an energy. Angry gets shit done.

  9. I hope that you will make videos till the end of time

  10. Great video, Jim. Those guys on top knows exactly what they are doing, pandering to their customers and getting their investors what they want. Sounds just like a politician…

  11. Thank you for actually going after the publishers. They are the real problem, have been for decades.
    Its a completely unregulated market like any “new technology”. Our laws cant even keep up with the digital age.
    Business people are experts at taking advantage of something, that is their entire job most of the time. Snuff out the competition by getting as much money as you can and ramp up the competition to run the others out of business.
    This is entertainment though, so you cant snuff them out as easily because in the pursuit of competition they lose sight of what makes something FUN and FAIR. They compete the only way they know how, greed and wow factor. That’s why they spend so much money on graphics development. They don’t care about making a good game, they care about selling a successful one.

    I would encourage everyone to look at the history of game publishers, see how bad they treat their devs, their customers and any PR. They have no respect for anyone AT ALL.

  12. The idea that a “triple A” game company like EA is always on the verge of closing it’s doors and needs all this added stuff while clearly being wealthy enough to fund big graphics intense game after graphic intensive game echos that of how Alex Jones, a man who can afford two Rollex watches and clearly an expensive stupid filled with LCD Flat-screen TVs and visual effects and well paid employees, is somehow always on the verge of collapse -and his fans buy it hook line and sinker just like those who defend the “triple A” industry giants like EA

  13. I fucking love Jim Sterling.

  14. Excellent points and examinations, good video as always. Last 7 minutes resonated especially well with me.

  15. Staximus Decimus Meridius

    The situation from my perspective: A publisher walks up to me and slaps me in the face. I say, “what the heck?” and get upset. The publisher responds “Whoa! Your anger is ruining my day!”.

  16. They like people to infight so that they won’t have to be pointed at like my oreos

  17. The argument its more expensive to make video games is slightly correct. Due to the fact that AAA games are stuck on the 60 dollar price point (base game, the RSVP, not the shit you also have to buy for it), they never adjusted to inflation of the dollar over the past ~40 years. I can’t quote the direct statistic, but it’s become roughly 15 bucks more expensive to make games.

    That said, they should just suck it up and increase the price to 80 bucks. I’d rather have that and not have all the psycholigical manipulation currently going on right now in the AAA game industry.

    I find it very dissapointing that names that used to hold a certain value in the industry for quality games (Ubisoft and Activision used to put out relatively good games) are know just complete and utter garbage. It stands as a monument that I can’t say that I’ve bought any AAA games not from Nintendo in the past 4-5 years or so I’ve been seeing this crap pop up. Well exempting Persona 5. Since sometimes there are companies that put out reasonable quality games without manipulating me in spending more. But most of them don’t. Which is my point.

  18. 400+ spiders? Wow! Can you make a gallery or something to look at more than just the winner of the contest?

  19. It’s amazing that developers/publishers of some free to play games are the ones that come to mind that do it right, or at least try to. The people behind Warframe and Secret World Legends. Even some MOBAs.
    They still get some stuff wrong but it’s an indication of where we are that the maligned f2p market is a beacon of hope in in-game monetisation.

  20. Holy shit this was an amazing episode. Thank God for you, indeed.

    But I’m sad to hear that about Extra Credits. I’ve always liked those guys. Dammit 🙁

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