PS5 isn’t as powerful as Xbox Series X

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  1. the zooming in and out. i cant unsee now.

  2. I fear on the day of launch

    *Nintendo Switch flashbacks*

    • Im guessing it will be a nightmare to get cause of coronavirus. Going to be battling the scalpers again.

    • @Chaika Gaz I’m hoping Sony and Microsoft announce some kind of killer app to start out with the console. If there’s no killer app in the beginning, it might be the same problem the PS3 had at launch where there were no interesting games to buy, absolutely nothing compelling about the powerful new hardware in the beginning. Xbox doesn’t have anything to offer except a new Halo… where’s the new franchises? I want something new!

    •     rareware are developing an interesting game and Xbox have a lot planned behind the scenes, I wonder what they’ll do

    • Bring weapons, we’ll make it the purge

  3. I just hope they Re-Remaster Skyrim

  4. 2035: 250 terabyte 8k ultra high definition

  5. He looks like a video game character from the early 2000s

  6. I will get both systems but I always like Sony more for the exclusive games

    • Dawson Sheen power and speed are different u fool ps5 has the fastest ssd on the mark/5.5gb/s soo check ur facts XSX=power ps5= speed only time will tell which one will do better

    • Weird flex but ok

    • @Awxken Last time I checked, SSD’s had nothing to do with processing graphics 😂😂

      You’re another “expert” on YouTube talking rubbish again. SSD load and save data, they have nothing to do with graphics, framerates or visual effects.

      That SSD will help your games and game worlds load faster. That’s it.

      Bless you.

    • Dawson Sheen when did I ever say anything bout graphics lool u fucking speng🤣🤣🤣 just wait till PlayStation outsells once again Xbox Being king as always

    • @The Rogue hey

  7. U don’t need a nerd hat u already look like one

  8. Nintendo sits quietly in the corner.

  9. They already have my wallet

  10. Hopefully i can pay with toilet paper

  11. i like that he’s wearing a mkbhd merch shirt

  12. Xbox is more powerful than Playstation.

    Me: My bias for Sony will not permit me to acknowledge that statement.

    • Triff Mangle Slip

      Let’s just all agree to the fact that these consoles are finally getting close to those PC elitist that think they are superior. We console gamers love our consoles no matter what it is and how good it performs, both of these are going to have an outstanding performance.

    • L First man in the comment section with any common sense

    • @BFG Swift STFU and just go back to tik tok

    • Marco L lol you act as if the system will be dogshit it’s going to be able to use that ssd to its advantage I can tell your not a pc guy so I’m going to stop arguing with you

    • Triff Mangle Slip it’s going to cost the same as a budget pc at this point might aswell get a pc and not have a stupid console operating system

  13. unique name headass

    They’re giving the series x a vape

  14. Austin: PS5 isn’t really that powerful…
    Me who has PS2: bruh


    “both consoles are gonna be faster than last generation”

    me remembering google stadia is still a thing

  16. The thing i want to know is are series x players going to be able to play with ps5 players

  17. u'r friendly neighhood cat

    I have no idea what this man is saying

    *if the game runs I’m good*

    • @u’r friendly neighhood cat series x

    • Tastet 55 so PlayStation will still be the better system 👍👍

    • @Tastet 55 yeah doubt. Just look at RDR2 on consoles right now. The performance on the Xbox one X is better than on PS4 pro. It is all about the consistency

    • Matija Vogel no… that’s not how that works. Like not at all. “Consistency” isn’t a thing when it comes to innovation and development. You can’t compare the past to the new and that goes with anything. There will always be another victor regardless of ones past failures

    • @Tyler Bell I get that I’m just trying to say that I think some more cpu or gpu intensive games are not going to run so smooth. You cant say they are going to deliver the same performance. But thats just my opinion and Im bored because Im in quarantine

  18. As long as they keep competing with each other then We are the real winners. I’ll get an Xbox though.

  19. Nobody:

    PS4 players: punching the air

  20. 7:45 what u came here for

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