Developer Update | Introducing Echo | Overwatch

Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan discusses Echo, the latest hero that’s flying into Overwatch, providing insight into her back story and abilities.

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  1. I saw gameplay of her

    There is no way she isn’t getting fat nerfs

  2. If Reihardt doesnt scream “WHOS THAT HANDSOME GUY” when Echo transforms into him, I’m gonna delete the game

  3. Hanzo: “Only a Shimadi can control the dragons..”

    Echo: “haha, no.”

    • @Neurotic Geek wait hold on, that’s a big brain moment right there.

    • Neurotic Geek – Confirmed. Baby Dva incoming.
      Stylosa 1st test was Dva

    • Thats funny

    • Actually cloning Genji is a terrible idea. Blade lasts too long. Cloning Hanzo is also bad unless you have a Hog to feed upon nonstop releasing endless Dragons.

      I wouldn’t clone either Shimada tbh

    • @Lucillevonamino XD
      Reper: Sombra? What are you laughing at now- . . . Oh . . . My . . . God . . .
      Sombra: *dies of laughter*
      Reper: *dies of laughter*
      Widowmaker: *gives blank stair*
      Doomfist: *laughs likes he’s Drax*

  4. “I wonder if she’ll be a Damage?”
    “I wonder if she’ll be a Support?”
    “I wonder if she’ll be a Tank?”
    Jeff: Guys, you’re all right!

    • Dps with ult to turn into ant other hero therefore she is everything

    • I really wish she was a suppourt since if she was a source for a new life for robots AT LEAST MAKE HER HEAL THE GOOD ONES also they skiped healers and dps has the most heros we get it your overratted

    • Also if you aim as a god you will be op as echo since sticky bomb kills 200 hp players also she will probably be nerfed to the ground but at least make her ult chargeing slower since its really good. Over all she seems as an good ofensive hero

    • @Tpurr DPS really is kinda overdone in this game isn’t it :/
      Could use more tanks now that you mention it. Just not sigma… He still weirds me out

  5. Jeff: We don’t want Goats to comeback.

    Jeff: We want Goats to comeback a little bit.

  6. Is she doesn’t scream “HELLO WINSTON!” every game she meets Winston, imma riot.

    • Joe Mama wait if you thiiiiink about it, Athena is basically echo, but a robotic moveable version. Cuz if you think about it Athena helps Winston out and so does echo (I think) so it would make sense for her to be Athena

    • Bobross’s Littlebitch

      Aka Koda she isn’t.

    • Bobross’s Littlebitch just a theory

    • @Aka Koda Athena is basiclly a Siri or Alexa but for Overwatch, Echo is a robot (created by the same person; Dr. Mina Liao) Echo’s puprose is different, she helps in the field with multiple roles because she learns things insantly she can do so much, she can pilot a plane, be a healer, tank, damage etc.

    • Lol don’t

  7. Jeff: “Then we get a Boostio…”
    Lucio mains: “SPEEEEEEEEED BOOSTIO!!!!!!”

  8. Echo : Disguising as Tracer
    Athena : Intruder Alert! An Echo in the Base!
    Pharah : An Echo in the Base??!!!

  9. We’ve all this seen this with ana when she wants to you know boost on her team she wants to boost say Reinhardt and lucio comes in front of them and them we get a BOOSTIO running around

  10. Overwatch: Introduces Rolequeues
    Waitung time for a dps is mostly 5 minutes and up
    Overwatch: Introduces dps

  11. Śüprēmë Bøî Nuke Hitting Enemy Team:NOW THATS ALOTTA DAMAGE!


  12. TheGalacticGrizzly

    Jeff: Tanks are often difficult to finish off, because they get healed.

    Tanks: *NANI??!!*

  13. Rule34: *allow us to introduce ourselves*

  14. mcree: they want me, but really they need you
    echo: how about both?

  15. Abathur in Heroes of the Storm: I am the ultimate adapter.
    Echo: I’m about to end this man’s whole career.

    She’ll never be added to HotS, though. If the pace of their new content is any indicator, we’ll be lucky to get another OW hero in HotS at all.

    • I wish HotS got more love.
      Really sucks to see updates slowing down to a crawl because Blizzard pulled resources from them.

    • That game is dead. They ruined it by having “Sympathy/underdog bonus”. That was the worst thing they could do to a moba game. Imagine playing Football and you scored 4 touchdowns and the enemy team scores 1 and wins the game because it was late game it happened… yeah…

    • hots is dead man. they need to implement an item system. i wonder why there isnt one like it was created by wc3…. that why lol is far better due complexity

    • @Kijura – no, hots is perfect as the way it is. items only make the game broken, just like lol. one characters gets a kill or two and destroys the entire enemy team. lol is definitely the most unbalanced game i’ve ever played. besides i think with talent system you actually have way more options to try different things. its not dead either, i find games pretty easily.

  16. Blizzard: Hmm, people hate playing Tank and Support, and there are more damage heroes than tank and support combined. DPS queue times are also obnoxious.
    Also Bilzzard: How about a new DMG hero?

    • @Luke Deakin Lucio was in at the time of release

    • @Kian Scott okay, wasn’t sure

    • @Kian Scott so why don’t they split off some of the low end DPS and make them off tanks or supports?

    • Kian Oh yeah… I forgot she was after the release 😅 thx for clarifying

    • Kian Scott what are you talking about!??! Only two dps??? SOMBRA, DOOMFIST AND ASHE! That’s three! And it doesn’t matter if it’s in the rotation. There should not be a rotation. They need to pump out more tanks and supports to balance them out! They even said they would do that but all the heroes they ever show are dps! Echo, Sojourn. I bet Maximilien and Junkerqueen are planned to be dps as well!

  17. Remember when McCree said “They think they need me, but they really need you”?
    What we didn’t see is the addendum: “because you can be me, as well as anyone else”

  18. Hanzo: only shimada can control the dragons.

    Echo: Is that really true?

  19. Candy Skulls and Fish Bones

    Overwatch team: we’re gonna focus on tanks and supports from here on out

    Also the overwatch team: here is a new DPS!!!!

    Like I love echo and her physical design but I cant help but wish they had her as a support or tank :////

    • Blushing Ralsei UwU

      Well, she is at first a support hero, but because of her ult nature, you will lose a support at that time, which mean there will be no heal for that period of time.

      Basically, blame her ult XD

  20. “Echo is a damage character”

    Oh, another hero I won’t be able to play without suffering long queue times.

    • @Pick Collins I think you’re forgetting the days before role-Q, when you had 4-5 dps & no healers lol.

    • Terraj that’s why you would find a group to play with. Make friends. Be social. I never had to deal with that for long bc I was proactive in taking steps towards fixing it. And the LFG was supposed to be a tool to help with that exact issue. One of my best friends I met on OW and we only stopped talking once we both quit the game. We just started talking again bc of other games but regardless.

      If you honestly were so hurt by the 4-5 DPS you’d get in ur games, you would have been more proactive in attempting to fix the problem. Join a discord server, use the LFG, make friends.

    • @Pick Collins I do.

    • You guys still have OG quickplay in arcade mode, right? Not much of a problem there

    • @Pick Collins Love the condescending tone of your post as if I didn’t know how to use LFG or make friends. 🙃

      The problem is that sometimes there are no groups to join or none of my friends are online, so I’m forced to solo-Q.

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