PowerWash Pals: CrankGameplays

Ethan joins me in PowerWash Simulator to talk about Unus Annus, how we hate each other now , and our plans never work together again!


  1. The Dance of Italy.. ho woah whooa

  2. “We’ve known each other for 7 years”
    So ever since I broke that mirror.

  3. Wait mark has had lasik?? When?? Omg does he have a video on his experience??

  4. I think the word there thinking of is funeral

  5. Mark, you should play the Mortuary assistant! You played the demo, but the full game is out now. I’ve been holding off on watching other people play bec I really wanna see you play! lol

  6. Do one with Felix

  7. I always get just a little bit frustrated when it cut’s to ethan’s pov and he’s using the white nozzle


  9. i love how they purposefully don’t complete the powerwashing so quickly so that they can keep talking

  10. Power Wash Pal Hour Podcast

  11. FlameFlamedramon VA

    I was really hoping for the Unus Annus countdown instead of the classic outro

  12. It would actually be interesting to have Lixian on here

  13. gosh i really hope you guys start doing more videos together cause when yall are together its just an amazing energy

  14. 7:12 I didn’t know I needed this 🤣☠️

  15. what’s so funny is that i watched the whole live stream as it happened, paid most of my attention to it even during online school zoom meetings, but at the LAST hour of the stream, I FELL ASLEEP ON ACCIDENT AND WOKE UP AT 3AM TO A DARK SCREEN OF THE LIVESTREAM

  16. Esther not the Egg

    *disclaimer song plays*
    “It’s been 84 years”

  17. When you click on Ethan’s channel on the end screen it says ‘Check out JackSepticEye’

  18. Mark said “Two-nus Annus” but all I heard was “TUNE-US ANNUS” WHICH WOULD BE A FUCKING UNUS ANNUS MUSICAL PLEASE AND THANK YOU (yes i know it won’t happen but let me dream)

  19. Wow these two should collab more often

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