Batgirl (The Jimquisition)

Continuing on from what we were saying about Warner Bros. and Multiversus, the recent about Batgirl and other axed projects demonstrate the company’s lack of appreciation for media.


  1. Just a reminder you are clearly unwell in the head.

  2. Sky King, The Bird Lover

    lol, “boo hoo, people are making money” the episode. Cope

  3. at least that 90 million spent on scoob has gone to the employees even if their work doesn’t make it out 🙁

  4. Uniongamers 🇹🇼

    I’m glad they cancelled Batgirl. Less of the hit and miss DC Universe is only a good thing.

  5. WB has relied on the bat family for way too long. They should give hawk girl, vixen, orchid, or green fury a shot. Hollywood has demonstrated it can make one type of movie with Batman IP and that’s; “Batman but grittier!!!” It’s lazy and I doubt the representation would be profound. Why not tell a new non-gritty Batman story with under represented characters and demographics. Green fury an indigenous activists fighting against an increasingly fascistic government . Hawk girl breaking her historical link to the patriarchy and rising as one of DC’s hardest and smartest justice league member. Vixen grappling with damage the fashion industry is doing to environment and workers in the developing world. Orchid vs poison ivy a story about environment and how eco-facism/climate change will disproportionately effect bipoc.

  6. lost me dude. Enough of the “straight white men” argument. its old and beat. Unsub’d

  7. No official release? Well… then leak it.

  8. Even money Pyramid Head is behind that bricked-up door

  9. He’s back in the UK?

  10. In all fairness, Batgirl sounds like it was going to be another WB train wreck. Still, surprised they didn’t dump it to streaming.

  11. I think most people who are mad at the cancellation are angry due to the movie having a diverse cast and not because they care about Batgirl in particular. They just want any sort of movie as long as it has a diverse cast, be it good or bad. Such an attitude is not any better than those who dislike it for that same reason.

  12. i don’t see the problem with them not wanting to put out Batgirl if its really bad just imagine all the videos you never put out because of quality come on don’t make this bigger then it needs to be

  13. Oh hell naw, you living in the back rooms?!

  14. Terrible video, you claim they don’t care about their characters and IP yet never consider that they might be shelving these movies becuase they will destroy the IP. Claiming you have no dog in this race is a blatant lie too, you might not care about the movies but it’s clear you care about the box they were ticking over the IP – you are as a big a villian in that respect as you accuse them of being.

  15. This video is just Jim not understanding why Batgirl movie got shelved, and kept blabbing about nonsense.

    The movie was tested with test audiences, it was really badly received, so the movie was shelved. Simple as that.

  16. I like how Sterling videos only get MORE relevant over time lmao

  17. Remove the brick door

  18. Well. Some of this shit is legit numbers. When girls speak with their dollars then these douches will stop feeding them the shit that they choose…. I mean…. Money talks and so do numbers.

  19. The basement is beautiful. I hope to see the return of the cornflake humonculus.

  20. Tommy Eugene Higson

    Aw somewhere nice for the cornflake homunculus to live (:

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