NERF Pick Your Path Challenge!

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Matthias, J-Fred, Paul & Samantha have to PICK their own PATHS to guns ammo order to take out the other players. Enjoy this hilarious family friendly competition COMMENT BELOW!
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  1. Anthony Salvati-Taylor

    Love the glasses

  2. McGowan Productions

    How do I send a picture

  3. You guys are the best channel ever

  4. I love you guys you are silly, specially j-fred with the j-jokes

  5. HAHA the intro though XD LOL

  6. IM DEAD, Paul shoots right after at him. LOL XD

  7. Can u play zombie apocalypse with Bryan,j-fred,gunner,and bobby
    Like if you agree

  8. Pause at 4:24

  9. Sam is hoooooooooot

  10. Who else thinks Matt is the best!!! His drawings were really funny I couldn’t stop laughing

  11. Matthias, can you do a face reveal? Like if you agree

  12. never trust edited comments. Trust me…

  13. did anyone else here J-Fred cussing in the back?

  14. can you guys do real life fortnite…. Please!!!!

  15. Late but #notificationsquad. And MOREEEEEE PLEASE ????❤️?

  16. I love how Matthias keeps changing his safety glasses!

  17. Hariaj Watches stuff

    Yes Joey, super sane is kawaii and chinese

  18. I can describe Matthias in 3 words Savage, Funny,and dope!

  19. “Pretend this my wond and I’m a about to magic you”
    “That’s not the first time you’ve said that to me” family friendly channel guys??

  20. How to win: draw expressions on your glasses

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