Fortnite Offenbach can can (Musical)

took ages to edit, would really appreciate a like.
Also feel free to add me on psn: jiar300

Game: Fortnite Battle Royale
Song: Offenbach – can


  1. Now that was funny. Good job!

  2. this. was. beautiful. *cries*

  3. Only on console you can find stupid players like this. And it’s beautiful.

  4. Nice Video !! ??

  5. Thats AMAZING DUDE!

  6. Damn nice tracking too
    Nice edit and overall one of the best videos I’ve seen. Gotta share with my friends.

  7. Спас Диков

    Great video, the edit was on point

  8. Awesome. Good job my dude ♥️

  9. V I C T O R Y R O Y A L E

  10. I like this

  11. Who else saw this on reddit?

  12. This is such art. Just wait until it is all over facebook with people profiting off of your video.

  13. Sooo good dude

  14. This is a way you can make a grown man cry.

  15. Shut up and take my like!

  16. That was awesome lol

  17. I will send this to anyone asking me of my definition of art

  18. Here from reddit… Demanding moar… Totally worth 5 hours of editing.

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