Multiversus Is Insidiously Dystopian (The Jimquisition)

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Multiversus might be a geeky dream for crossover-loving consumers, but the whole thing is a really unsettling corporate flex when you actually stop and think about it.

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  1. Don’t worry. NEW IPs will surely come and add fresh adventures in entertainment!…..Right?…

  2. It feels kind of telling that I thought this was going to be about a different massive crossover game that disney is doing and keeps getting shoved down my throat by advertisments.

  3. Bean VideoGamings

    It’s just nice to be able to play a smash game with my neighbor over the internet without lag. Smash’s net code is dogwater

  4. Oh, weird, all the fighting game people I’ve heard talking about it have been very enthusiastic about this game.

  5. What do you expect from a ferret named Judas 😆

  6. Get ready for weaselpox to spread in America

  7. Steven doesn’t like fighting tho

  8. That list of titles at the beginning should be given to every announcer who introduces you in wrestling.

  9. Sticky note doodle

    I can’t wait for Steph to get weasel powers after being bit by that rabid radioactive weasel that is 100% a weasel.

  10. It’s pretty lame to diss the game itself and not just the cynical business of IP exhibitionism. As a game, multiverses is a load of fun, one of the best fighting games I’ve seen in recent memory. It’s very clear that the game director and the team behind it have a ton of passion for the project, if all goes well Tony will no doubt be seen in the same light as the other great fighting game directors

  11. NOM goes the weasel! XD

  12. Talking about Disney churning out Marvel stuff. Have you seen how many comic books are out there? It’s literally neverending. They’re having fun turning comics into movies and shows. Oh no, so terrible..

  13. On Steam this game has 30 character tokens in the premium edition. That means there is the intention to have at least 30 playable characters. This non free edition costs $100. F2P only has 4 character rotation, which means to actually have the game to even enjoy, or cringe at, you’ll be out at least $100 (unless more characters get added, it is WB after all).

    Beyond the lack of universe cohesion, if you have any sort of completionist/gambling addiction, please give this game one hell of a wide berth. WB games is going whale shopping again; stay safe.

  14. I get her frustration with a constant churn of content but that aspect alone doesn’t bother me. Phase 4 has lots of great stories and characters. Sorry that they have all these branches of storylines going on. But that’s what you get with a universe this expensive

  15. Honestly, I don’t often disagree with you on matters, but this time, I feel I must. If the world is going to end, I want Marvel movies and shows out the yen yang. Might as well enjoy some over the top entertainment before the world burns. I won’t be playing Multiversus though. That just looks dumb. My thought though is this, so long as Disney and Warner Bros don’t try to stifle the imagination of others doing their own things and their own projects, then it’s fine. You know, someone has to pay for these things and I know corporations are huge juggernauts that don’t care about anyone… Yet, if no one is getting hurt while they’re putting out these things, eh. There’s still a whole plethora of other entertainment being made by a whole host of others across the world. So, I’m not worried about it as of yet. I’m actually stoked by the Marvel plans. DC not so much. They’ve dropped the ball hard in recent years. Ezra Miller isn’t making anything easier on them. Or Amber Heard. Btw, that ferret barely bit you. That was a love nip. She/he just wanted you to know they were there. Not even any blood drawn. Awwwwwww! Love your stuff, commander. Keep it coming.

  16. “J.K. Rowling is a fascist,” says the guy who believes anyone who doesn’t wholehearted believe and enthusiastically support his strange ideology is pure evil and deserves to be killed…would probably gleefully pull the trigger himself if given the chance.

  17. what a weasely little liar dude

  18. I don’t mind most of this crossover game, but Game of Thrones definitely has no place in it.

  19. Definitely wasn’t expecting a Skittles from Kay & Skittles cameo

  20. ForageGrassPause2GotoLoop

    Damn, exactly my thoughts only eloquent and with showmanship because I’m not Jim sterling

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