The Floor is Breathing

The Floor Breathing is a terrifying look inside the mind of a and the steady progression towards madness within…

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  1. “I l i k e t h e f e e l o f t h e i r b r e a t h t h r o u g h t h e f l o o r b o a r d s.”
    For some reason that reminds me of The Telltale Heart, where a corpse’s heart beats while beneath the floor.

  2. This happened 10 days before I was born damn

  3. You should try Omori

  4. This game just be taking place on my birthday…tf

  5. I wonder if the t.v. was showing the faces of real serial killers?

  6. This one scared me a little more than the other considering Jan 23 2007 is my bithday

  7. Great news on the divorce rates. About time!

  8. Here’s the thing…

  9. Mark you and the other peens should play Ghost Watchers IGP has played it and it looks really good

  10. That house reminds me of the house from max Payne

  11. You should try the new ghost hunting game called ghost Watchers it is hands down terrifying

  12. What happens in the dark always comes to light

  13. “Who did this to my door.” *immediate house insurance ad*

  14. I saw this game in another channel. if I wouldn’t seen Mark’s pt I would miss a lot of details. Mark’s curiosity will always reveal many Easter eggs

  15. My floor bleeds

  16. and i remember you played all 3 dead space games but same time but that is new one 4 and 5 months if you don’t beLieve me Look up and two aLL who see this as wLL

  17. this game takes place on my 5th birthday

  18. The idea of an inanimate object _breathing_ is just unbelievably cursed

  19. only mildly concerned bc my bday is Jan 17, 2007

  20. This was pretty well done! Showing the devolving mind of the main character and then slowly revealing what’s happened in a slow, and sinister manner made for a really enthralling story. Especially how everything is seen in the eyes of her and shows how she sees things. Was really fun to play and a great game!

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