Modern Warfare III – Makarov Reveal Trailer

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The ultimate threat returns #MW3



  1. Makarov is coming. Who’s ready?

  2. Gábor László Holakovszky

    young de niro

  3. It shattered me to tears when Makarov said it’s makaroving time and the Makaroved all over place truly a makrove moment of all time❤❤❤

  4. José Carlos Arredondo villa

    Ya lo estoy esperando con ansias

  5. Ready? Ready.

  6. Faheem Productions

    One of the best live action trailer. Looking forward to my first COD game’s remaster after a decade. 🔥

  7. i might get me a ps5 for this one…

  8. Пажилой спартсмен

    This makarov looks cringe. Original MW2 is based.

  9. Will the new camping call of duty

  10. When makarov said “It’s bundlin time” and then proceeded to release 50+ bundles on launch I felt that.

  11. Can’t wait to pay $70 for mw2 dlc

  12. So… Will Soap and Yuri die this time? Will the War be in 4 places? Or is this game going to be another dogshit, buggy, and incomplete game?

  13. Song please

  14. I m gonna sue u guys

    Because of ur game (i know it’s going to have amazing graphics) i have to build a new f**ing PC

    Who’s gonna pay??

  15. Hi. Music name pls ?

  16. “This is the message”.

  17. When will they make codm more realistic plsss

  18. WGAF. I’ll be playing Starfield.

  19. The Pinder ikr ke8d

    If you feel impressed by this trailer just remember, Advanced Warfare had a live action trailer too

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